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In conversations about optimizing performance, I regularly hear something to the effect of: “But how do I convince my boss that these changes are worth the time & effort?” My glib answer has always been: “Don’t, just do it.” But I realize that not everyone has the ability to easily make changes to everything that is involved. So, here are three reasons you can give, that should help any smart boss see the benefits of optimizing performance.

A lensless camera that’s always in focus. Whaaaa????

Amazing collection of video-like tutorials for HTML, CSS and JS.

Nice little helper function from : Object.value

Big fat Like / +1 / RT / WOOT-WOOT! / whatever for the Hide/Show Passwords plugin. Because a series of dots or asterisks has never really done anything but befuddle we, the users…

Recharge your stuff while you walk. Now, how we can hook that up to sitting on the couch…

HTML5 Site Templates that are: Fully Responsive, Built on intelligent HTML + CSS3, Super Customizable, 100% free under the Creative Commons.

Well okay then.

Of course, with the recent revelation that we could responsively align grids by using text-align: justify, a framework (nor not) couldn’t be far behind, could it?

Two new links for mobile debugging, one for iOS, and one for Android. Enjoy!

I can think of a few good use cases (store locators, quick direction check, etc.) for the Proximity API, and one really bad one (stalkers)… :-)

Slick interface. Obviously real-world sites would use more intuitive icons, but I really like the interaction and animation!

Tint your windows in seconds, via wi-fi

By now I’m sure you’ve seen the Chrome Experiment, Roll It. Now you can have a behind-the-scenes walk-through on what went into making it.

Now here’s a performance statistic you don’t see touted very often, but it is an interesting one nonetheless! Especially since it puts IE10 at the top!

Wow, WebGL just continues to impress

And impress

And finally, every Stack Overflow post ever, in a single PNG

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