Today’s Readings

Awesome behind-the-scenes shots from famous movies!

How well do you know your browser quirks? I didn’t do so well…

Okay, best 404 page ever? So far, easily…

A handy OS app to let you bypass the mouse, and use your keyboard a lot more!

From comes more Chrome DevTools tips & tricks, including how to read the Network panel, how to use .har files, customizing DevTools, setting custom flags, using snippets, ! The slides are also available.

And from comes a deeper dig into debugging performance using DevTools.

Yeah, this.

Inspired by the “new-and-cutting-edge” uses of plain vanilla CSS to create flexible, responsive designs!

Finally find myself in a situation where I can dabble, and use, LESS, and tripped across… I’m a freaking kid in a freaking candy store right now! :-)

As often as our circuit breaker blows, throwing our wireless router into a tizzy, the BRCK is a very attractive option

All hail the Plasticarian!!

Hitch is a pretty powerful-looking CSS selector polyfill, bringing functionality like has, greater-than, and more to your CSS files, today! (Jump to about 3:50 in the vid if you want to skip the History of CSS lesson; the documentation has a couple holes, too, but I’d expect that to be fixed shortly.)

Students “who walked or biked to school in a Spanish study performed better at school” and “group of kids walking or biking to school concentrated better than those driven to school or taking public transport”. But, fellow bikers, we already knew that, right??

Need responsive images, with flexible width, but fixed height?

Between and, you outta be able to get all your screen-info-porn needs…

It’s always nice to see how others do the same thing I do, hopefully finding new & better ways to do something. See if you can find anything new!

I like the fact that this is the first in a series of articles showing native JavaScript equivalents of common jQuery methods.

Not sure how I just now stumbled across this, but if you, or anyone you know, is just interested in learning what it takes to make mobile websites, HTML5 Rocks: Mobile seems like a good place to start!

From those kooky kids at Google, “The Secret to Safe Continuous Deployment.” Beyond Unit and Integration Tests, they do Perceptual Differences… Many lessons to be learned here! (About 3:15 is where the real meat-and-potatoes really starts.)

Maybe these CSS-only shapes are a little primitive-looking, but the concepts are there to create far more complex shapes.

Like these… Mind-blowing!! Note that each time the cubes drop, they bounce differently…

Or this! Very cool, love how tightly the cogs fit together as they turn! (And watch it long enough to notice how the inner cogs are actually not fixed, while they turn, they’re also rotating counter-clockwise inside the outer cog!)

And finally, Feedly seems poised to for complete domination of the “oh-so lucrative” RSS world, ahead of schedule… And, switch…

Happy reading,

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