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Freshly back from a week on the beaches of Sardegna. Time to get my tech-legs under me again…

I never really thought of simple CSS as needing an “architecture”, until I started reading this article, and it all made sense

The phrase “the best paper map” might sound a little like “the best-tasting arsenic”, but these actually seriously rock! Hat-tip to for pointing to this!

Life-lessons on managing memory on a Gmail-scale. From what seem to be twelve-year-olds… :-)

Tired of pedaling? How about this helicopter-bike??

Or if that’s too boring, how about a freaking jet-bike?

A jQuery-based plug-in to easily create single-page, scrollable websites. Okay, but having to use jQuery and this plug-in seems a little heavy for the use-case to me…

The uses of WebRTC continue to impress, and CubeClam is no slouch. A WebRTC/canvas-based Pong game. Super smooth in Chrome!

The history of programming languages, in a nice, neat infographic. You’re welcome….

A great collection of RWD techniques.

Speaking of RWD, an interesting concept of triggering different JS on different screen widths. Sort of @media queries for JS…

box-shadows Gone Wild! Note, there is no image in the page…

Whether or not you’ve had to make use of Modernizr-like <html> classes to target various versions of IE, the fact that IE10 no longer supports conditional comments might sound like a big problem. Until now, with just a little help from JS.

Optimizing images is still one of the best performance boosts you can give your sites. Far better than trying to squeeze another few KBs out of your JS or CSS files…

And while you’re squeezing bits, maybe your SVG files could use a little weight loss themselves? Now for Ruby and Node

I’ve always been wanted to see a comparison of electric-gallons versus gas-gallons for automobiles… Thanks, TreeHugger!

A list of all reserved JS keywords. Cool.

CDNs are still a black hole as far as I’m concerned, especially since I can’t just reach out and touch it, and easily make customizations. Here are a few FAQs that might help shed light if you feel the same.

Introducing the concept of using a server push to boost your site performance. I like the concept, and the points made are good ones, but that means all of those assets rely on JS and an open and reliable connection…

I always like reading “how I did [something]” articles, especially when the author is honest enough to document that everything didn’t work perfectly from the get-go. Learning how someone else investigates and recovers from an issue is a far more valuable learning experience to me than simply reading the straight-forward right way to do something…

I know it’s just an “N”, but it’s a pretty impressive “N”…

Want to demonstrate your skill set, but want it in a pretty diagram? CSS Skills Diagram is all set for you!

And if you’re looking for something new to add to that list, have a look at what other developers are using.

Want to know all the secrets that the universe holds when it comes to web development? Well here is a starter-list

And finally, for anyone that feels disconnected or small when looking up at the stars and universe that surround us, push this video to the biggest screen you have, sit back, and enjoy your universal connectivity

Happy reading,

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