Today’s Readings

Resize your browser to play this jigsaw game. Cause let’s face it, we’re all just sitting around all day yanking our browser windows edges anyhow!

Another stab at server-side responsiveness. Nice, not sure downloading all of jQuery is necessary just to get the device’s width, but still some nice ideas there.

And now that you have the server-side all ironed out, what do you do about images? Never fear, Smashing Magazine is here to help!

I don’t claim to fully “get” this, but it sounds like it should be a great thing!

A great Chrome DevTools tip from : Inspect event listeners that are attached to DOM elements, while viewing the DOM tree!

And from comes a few geeky-fun HTML5 syntax/parser quirks/tricks.

Poor choice of words for the article title, but awesome effects for lazy-loaded images!

A WYSIWYG editor for responsive websites. Will be most interesting to see the code it generates. I’m on the wait list…

Interesting choice of using generated-content in CSS to create dynamic text effects. Also really like the concept of a video without spoken words, which can be really distracting, if the person speaking is totally comfortable…

Voyeur is a tiny Javascript library that lets you traverse and manipulate the DOM the way it should have been. I can guarantee you that if I were to use Voyeur, the first thing I would do would be to add this line of code to my JS:
var html = Voyeur;
Because 1) I can promise you I would mistype Voyeur as often as I spelled it correctly, and 2) html is really the way it should have been… :-)

Being new to the land of LESS (and completely ignorant when it comes to Sass), I found this article about extends from to be enlightening.

Apparently some people still need to be reminded that Progressive enhancement is still important. Thanks.

And finally, with the 66th Anniversary of Rowsell recently passing, Google Doodles had to have some fun with itfinally, finally, ever wonder what’s in Prince’s fridge (yes, that Prince)? Well, find out

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