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A nice responsive CSS generator for all your fave embeds: YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps, Instagram, and more!

I’ve still not jumped onto the Sublime Text bandwagon, but if you have, here are 5 things you didn’t know Sublime Text 2 could do

Interesting that @font-face does not work in @media queries in some browsers. Even more interesting to learn that it’s actually part of the spec that it doesn’t! Cool work-around, too.

Face-to-Gif made a pretty big splash when it hit, because it uses a spanking-new technology (getUserMedia) to create an über-old technology (animated GIFs). Now read how the author did it.

Certainly not ready for prime-time, but CSS Filters are sure going to be a lot of (useless) fun when they are!

And speaking of CSS filters, why not use them in conjunction with the aforementioned animated GIFs to create cool backgrounds. Learn how to do so, without killing the browser.

Do you use AppCache on any of your sites? Yeah, me neither, but if you want to, here’s a cool little manifesto verification bookmarklet!

Tired of the same old loading spinners? Then check out this collection!

Pure CSS Animated 3D Molecules. Nuff said??

From comes a great method for making components responsive: use <em>s to size all the parts of the component, then use the component parent’s font-size to adjust the size of things…

Making sure your HTML, CSS and JS are up-to-snuff is always a good idea, and here’s one more tool to help with that: DiagnostiCSS. Not sure why the name has “CSS” in it, when it is specifically looking at “HTML” issues, but I ran it against my site and… nothing happened. Thought it was busted, but then I ran it against [a site that shall remain nameless], and got plenty of red & yellow boxes. But no idea what the boxes indicate…

IE is so determined to prove that they are ready to be included in the “modern browser” mix, that they’re going to try to hide who they really are

Nine canvas demos, by way of , showing the power of HTML5.

Some cool uses of data-attributes and pseudo elements, though I’m not sure I agree with the idea of hiding content inside of data-attributes…

A little light reading, or everything A List Apart thinks you need to read… Get started!

And everything NetTuts+ thinks you need to read about JS

Want to live in a house like The Jetsons? Here’s the DIY guideGet under the hood of the new Financial Times app. Didn’t the original just come out? Um, no, that was more than two years ago… Wow!

Interesting collection of starting points for new, responsive sites, including HTML, CSS, and JS for grids, navigation, common icons, etc.

Fun animated book hover effect. You know, if you ever need that…

I’ve seen something similar to this before, when you are able to know your images ratio, identifying that via CSS, to help avoid reflow during page load. Seems like something you could even find out on the server-side, during page rendering, maybe?

For a little “some day in the future” fun, what’s coming in ECMAScript 6

I really wish the Chrome DevTools guys and gals would slow down already, because I already can’t keep up with all of their updates!

This Tour de France site just blew my mind! What a great combination of effects to create an enjoyable, interactive site!

Okay, when I first saw the idea of using your browser like Notepad, I thought, “yeah, okay, so?”, but this article offered a couple workflow ideas that made me think it wasn’t half-bad…

Nice, when was the last time you developed a site that had tabs? Well, these transitions make it almost cool again! ;-)

Impressive responsive, animated gallery. Click a thumb, slide your window width, try the transitions. Good stuff.

And finally, lest we forget, it’s all about speed, from our current status, to CDNs, to mobile, to the worst practices out there…

Or at least the illusion of speed

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