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FlowType.js is a good idea, and nice implementation, but I would actually argue that font sizes should get bigger on smaller screens…

Okay, this deck of cards may not be very useful as it is, but there sure is a lot to be learned from the CSS and JS used!

For you Sublime Text users out there, this tutorial just goes on and on and on with useful tools, tips and shortcuts.

And how about a nice intro/tip tutorial for Git?

A map of all 532,911 stop-and-frisks performed by the NYPD in 2012. <sarcasm>I can’t imagine what everyone is complaining about???</sarcasm>

Hey you Climate Change deniers, you deserve this and I have already signed

I have to say, one of my favorite types of posts/articles to come across are the ones that use everyday-CSS, and fix every-problems

Face Tron looks awesome! Too bad I couldn’t get it to load in any of my PC browsers, will have to try on the old MacBook when I get home tonight…

And another camera interface, with sound, again not all that useful as is, but a cool interface nonetheless!

3D Shading with Box-Shadows. Yup. Nice!

Tridiv is a web-based editor for creating 3D shapes in CSS.

Yes it is!

Using a non-invasive brain-to-brain setup, a researcher in one lab was able to send a signal from his brain to control the movements of a second researcher in a lab on the other side of campus.

Yep, scares the bejesus out of me! But nevertheless, incredibly impressive stuff!

Not sure how many out there are using the <progress> element, but if you are, here is a really thorough run-through on variances, options, and workarounds.

Does anyone out there remember that they have memory loss? Well, scientists at the Columbia University Medical Center think they’ve found the solution to stop memory loss!

Know someone that’s looking to get started in web development? offers a great primer!

Page-loading speed is paramount, no one argues this point anymore, I think. How to speed your page-loading, remains a moving target. One method is to reduce what the user needs to download initially in order to see the page (or at least the portion they can see…). A new bookmarklet allows you to create a collection of just the CSS needed to support your above the fold content, then you can load the rest of your CSS later, giving the user a snappy above-the-fold page load, then support what they can’t initially see.

I had not heard of overflow-scrolling: touch yet, and as the author, , quickly notes, “this is more of a proof of concept”, but I like his horizontally-sliding menu, if you can feature detect, and polyfill where needed.

Using an eventListener for a transitionend‘s event.propertyName… Hmm…

And el.scrollIntoView() is native JS? Which is supported by IE7+?? Where have I been??? Of course, it’s not a nice, smooth scroll into view, but it is there, natively…

Slightly different, but we also have Firebug’s getEventListeners(elem), which would be really handy for debugging!

But in my book, Chrome’s DevTools remains the best browser dev tool, as witness: Flame Charts

There are lot and lots and lots and lots of CSS3 generators out there, but Create CSS3 has just stolen my heart (and my bookmarks)…

Device.js seems like a perfect addition for Modernizr users…

Really classy parallax example, with gyro sensing where it exists, and falling-back to mouse movements. Great details, even the “i” icon at the bottom, changing to an “X” when open; note the animation, that neither icon is actually the letter, but two generated-content elements, that animate when transitioning… Just classy…

Drumbit is pretty similar to a dream-project I had, though my idea was to use a drumkit (I like this better!). I also had a concept of being able to save/export the beats to a JSON file that could then be shared with others…

Another dream-project that I never did anything about, though Intention.js uses custom mark-up to show “intent”, where my idea was to use JSON to somehow instruct what should go where, and when…

And finally, I know I’m a little late getting this out there, but that’s the great thing about history: it just sits there and waits for you…

Happy reading,

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