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If this actually works as promised, it could be HUGE!

We all know page-load speed is vitally important, right? And those that read about web performance also know that perceived performance can be just as critical. But how to get (or at least appear) faster? Apparently, it isn’t all that hard (warning, this link is a PDF)

And speaking of PDFs, ever have to generate PDFs on the fly? You normally have to do that server-side, right? Not anymore.

Webkit recently announces support for the srcset attribute in the img tag. And here’s how to automate the creation of all of those different images… :-)

For my designy-peeps out there, here’s a little help remembering all those PS and IA keyboard shortcuts.

Staying with design for just a sec, a conversation we’ve been having at work lately, how to use curated images within a responsive site, until srcset makes it into a few more browsers. offers an SVG-based solution.

And speaking of Dudley, I linked to his HTML beginners post in the last Today’s Readings, but here are all three parts of the series, quite good!

Speed is important. Much can be done on the front-end, but WordPress is a known offender. Here are 17 tips for speeding that puppy up.

Having just recently jumped into the land of CSS Preprocessors (and always loving articles from , I naturally enjoyed this article; hope you do too.

A cool horizontal menu & content navigation structure. Also has a nice fallback (whether intentional of not) on shittier devices of simply deep-linking to the article below. I had thought of implementing something like that for this site, but still really like the fact that this site doesn’t have any (of its own) JS… :-)

Nice to read how different people tackle this “new” RWD process that we all face…

“Oh yes, by all means, if it helps the cars go faster, then let’s add lots of bike lanes…” Whatever gets us there… Curated HTML, CSS, JS UI Component Library. Lovely–looking collection!

And finally, what could be more fun than playing with favicons?? (And be sure to also click the link found within that article, Favicon Cheat Sheet, for seemingly everything there is know about those silly little images that we all love to hate to love…)

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