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Let’s start this one with some fantastic news: Global HIV infections among children cut in half since 2001. Of course, 260,000 is still a lot of kids, but it’s a helluva lot better than 550,000!

Ever get tired of the the sunshine outside your window? Me neither, but if you ever do, it s now easy to make it rain on everything

A list of all the changes & issues in iOS7, and a few hacks to deal with them. Unfortunately, quite useful.

The Flying Focus is a pretty cool UI tweak. (As mentioned in the comments, makes more sense when tabbing from field-to-field than it does when mousing, but you get the idea.)

By spinning a flat-screen monitor at high-speed, you basically create a hi-tech flipbook of light… Cool.

Need a cool, interactive way to work as a remote team? Together.js seems like a good way!

A few Dos, Don’ts, and How-tos for @media queries.

Ever wonder what the most-used CSS properties were? Me neither, but if you ever do, here they are!

Just when you thought IE was settling down and becoming a solid, reliable, dependable browser, we are introduced to the multiple personalities of IE11

And while we’re talking about Microsoft, Internet, meet William Henry Gates.

And while we’re talking about history, Internet, meet… the Internet!

And for some real Internet history, how about digging into the very first website, and the very first browser?

Performance is always a fun topic to talk about, and especially when you’re focusing on mobile. A new article from Yotta offers a few tips, mostly things we already knew, but there also a few useful links in there.

Whether you’re a command-line newbie like me or a seasoned vet, I think you’re going to find Vim genius helpful.

And after that, you could also click through this little Git starter.

Next? Well, Git, Node and Grunt, of course!

If the phrase Regex Crossword doesn’t send you into cold-sweats, then you just might enjoy it!

And if crossword puzzles aren’t your thing, how about straight-up coding challenges?

Need custom CSS for this browser or that? Modernizr has given us that for older versions of IE for some time, but that’s it. Well, with Browser Specific Css, now you can write similar custom CSS for .win.firefox, .mac.safari, .ios, or what have you. Sadly, aside from IE, version numbers are missing for both OS and browser, which is likely the biggest thing you will need across devices, but it’s a cool start if you need it!

Hyper useful, ready to use HTML5 snippets. And indeed they are!

A pretty clever method to hide headers when scrolling, with CSS-only. Basically, the two headers have position: fixed and the scrollable content has position: relative. The top header, which remains visible, and the scrollable content, both have a z-index that is higher than the z-index of the header that gets hidden. So, when you scroll, the content slides over the second header. Again, clever!

Oh, New York City, please, please, please do this!

But seriously, why bother with this? If people don’t do it when they’re walking, what makes you think they’re going to do it when they’re driving??

Ok, one more from good-ol’ NYC: If you need a bike lane, and the city won’t make one, then just make it yourself!

Want more info on where your produce is coming from? There’s an app for that.

A case-study on data-driven design. Nice to see it being done at all, and even better to get a taste of how it can be implemented, properly.

With all the anticipated glory we expected with the arrival of flexbox, we received the same amount of bile-taste in our mouths when it slowly, incorrectly, incorrectly again, and then finally-sort-of arrived. But there is promise, and when you remember all the problems it can solve, maybe that will serve as a sort of mouthwash…

I’ve seen a few situations where this could be useful, so here it is: alter the appearance of an element/module/widget based on what is behind it

And finally, if you really to let that special-someone know just how much they mean to you, I can think of no better way than with this shirt

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