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We all want flexbox, right? We all want to love it, and use it, and forget we ever used floats, and say I don’t even know why you’re mentioning tables, since we’re talking about layout, but we can’t yet, right? Or, just maybe we can.

This article is focused on creating a Meet the Team page in WordPress, but it’s also a really great, practical primer for using Custom Fields.

Really great intro to using CSS to style individual components of SVG graphics!

Most of this is well beyond me, but the article definitely demonstrates the power of CSS Filters. One day, this will be amazing…

For my designy peeps, be sure catch Design is One, the documentary about Lella and Massimo Vignelli. Looks great!

A little more on design, from Aral Balkan. Inspiring talk, and tons of great soundbites, but I have to admit, life has beaten into me that the Oslo train ticket machine would have made me nervous; it’s simply too simple…

And speaking of the interconnectedness of people and our surroundings (if you watched the above documentary trailer… :-), President Bill Clinton offers his usual insight into the interconnectedness of our world.

Google Hates Your Mobile Website (Here’s How to Fix It). Well okay then.

And speaking of responsive (again, in the above article :-), this menu may not be ready for all devices yet, but the video demo is cool, making at least a quick tour through the code worth your time!

First do it, then do it right, then do it better.

Jank Free. Great talk from !

And in case you know all of Addy’s tips already, I guarantee you do not know all of ‘s Performance Tuning Secrets… Man!

And while we’re at it, here are a bunch of Console API commands to hopefully help with the above.

K, just one more DevTools bit, which you probably already knew, but in case you didn’t, you can now inspect pseudo :before and :after elements in Dev Tools. Finally.

K, really just one more DevTools bit, did you know that when you have an element selected in the Elements panel you can quickly toggle it to visibility: hidden with a keyboard shortcut? Well, next time try just pressing h

Enough with the Chrome DevTools stuff you say? Then how about a thorough walk-through on using WebPageTest?

Very cool, very basic, very functional, responsive form.

Really wish this photo had more back-story… Think that old lady is with them, or was just wandering past and wanted to see what the fuss was about? :-)

Love Sublime? Love Git? You’re going to love SublimeGit

Was not familiar with Array.prototype.reduce, but it sure seems to simplify a lot of code. And, with support in everything > IE8, seem pretty usable!

The HTTPWatch app seems like a great resource…

Everybody loves , right? His documentaries just suck you in! And part of the “sucking you in”, for me, is the image-pan effect he uses. I remember hearing once that someone asked him how where he found the video footage for his Civil War documentary… Pretty high praise for the effect! Well, this could be a cool effect on a website, too!

Speaking of fun effects, how about animating responsive transitions?

Can you own a piece of the moon? How about an asteroid? An orbit? Find out.

But before you sign that Lunar Land Title, maybe you should get to know it a little better

Sticking with outer space for just another sec, I know the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s final trip was some time ago, but the time-lapse video is still fun to watch…

Ever brew your own beer? Me neither, seems like a total pain in the ass, especially compared to walking into a store, and 2 minutes later walking out with beer, in a bottle, no fuss, no muss. But the PicoBrew could totally change my mind on this subject…

And if I’m now brewing my own beer, I’m going to need a totally tricked-out bar, right??

Need icons? Don’t want to add HTTP Requests or bloat your CSS with Data-URIs? Then how about a bunch of CSS3 icons?

I mentioned back in March 2013. Have you checked it out yet? Maybe even contributed?? Well, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have…

Hmm, as a major public transit fanboy, the Kutsuplus actually sounds really impressive, I hope it pans out!

If, like me, you missed dConstruct 2013, and if, like me, you really hate yourself for it, well, hate no more, because at least we can all listen to it

Awesome CSS questions for interviews. How would you do?

A couple new CSS layout methods coming to the spec.

Hmm, a Node.js-based blogging system… Hmm…

The new Bike+ combines ride-tracking, theft-protection, and onboard computing into a single device. Or, will soon.

Some guidelines and suggestions to help you compress everything you can possibly compress to help make your sites faster.

I LOVE these animated SVG checkboxes

And more animated icons, this time, the infamous navigon

This article cleared up all kinds of annoyances and misconceptions I had about Crons and delayed publishing with WordPress.

Remote control your PC from your phone. Okay, but what I really want/need is the opposite direction…

Read all about the company that built the much-maligned website. Understandable, really, since they only made $93.7 million from the job… I seriously need to rethink my freelance fees…

No doubt about it, Flat Design is all the rage (now that we can finally easily create rounded corners, background gradients, and drop-shadows… Bastards!). But forms are often left behind, as most browsers just do what they want anyway. But we can at least try to make them play along

And this ALA article describes so many projects I’ve been part of. Hopefully I can learn a few things to try to help correct the issue…

Like Star Wars? “Duh!” Like Raiders of the Lost Ark?? “I already said ‘Duh!'” See how many times they are inside one another

Great slanted tabs from .

And finally, I do love me some Calvin & Hobbes, and now I can use them to illustrate my feelings via animated GIFs!

Happy reading,

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