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Web Development Has Never Been So Beautiful! And reading that article, it would appear so…

Get your CSS geometry on with CSS Triangles and CSS Cones!

While we’re CSSing-it-up, let’s do a little CSS responsive background image work too.

Did you know that you can now create Save-to-Home web apps for Chrome for Android that will behave just like Save-to-Home web apps on iOS? Well… you can.

Want to re-learn how to code all your favorite programming languages? Me neither, but if you ever do, you can learn how to code Functional PHP, or (as previously mentioned) use JavaScript to write your CSS, or maybe use JavaScript to write, well, JavaScript.

Interesting page-load test results from 5 anonymous travel websites. Proving that the site with the fastest TTFB, or the least elements, or the least images, or the least JS, or any-one-whatever-thing, does not assure the fastest page-load. It is about knowing how your site’s components perform individually and with one another.

But let’s all remember that while speed is important, perceived speed is more important. FastActive can help.

Loads of simple, CSS-only section separators.

With all the hub-bub that surrounds Node JS, it’s nice to see a more limited view of its place in our world.

From Smashing Magazine comes a wonderfully thorough tutorial on creating a RESS website.

Apparently an earlier article questioning if there are performance issues for the flexbox layout, put it to the test and found that no, flexbox layout is not slow, if done correctly.

Examples of several very cool JS methods that you’ve probably never used, and likely never even heard of before.

I’ve been spending a little time working with SVGs lately, and while I don’t immediately have a use for individual country maps, you just might!

And if you’re going to make a map, you might as well make the countries clickable!

requestAutocomplete, where have you been all my life?

Google Web Designer got plenty of press when it first came out, but mostly all that I heard was how it was going to be great for creating responsive ads. But it is a full-blown, animation-friendly WYSIWYG!

After nearly 2,000 years in a clay jar, a seed can still grow into a tree. Nature, you crazy!

Slick iOS7-like blurry-transparency-header-thingy. At least I think that’s the official name…

Okay, I’ve highlighted a LOT of different ways to recharge your device, from backpacks to campfires to water, but the Enerplex Surfr is just simplistically brilliant…

Radio Free Earth is just awesome.

A requestAnimationFrame that is better than requestAnimationFrame? Ok, maybe…

I had somehow not yet heard of Rap Genius, and the idea is fascinating. But their back-story in the video is much more interesting to me…

And speaking of words and the meanings of words, how about learning the origins and meanings of 42 popular idioms?

And finally, the next time you’re staring into the toilet, wondering if you should flush, or whether there might be some other, more productive use for your urine, wonder no longer…

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