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Introducing BrowserSwarm – A tool that automates your testing of JavaScript across browsers. Spend less time testing and more time innovating.

Mmm, okay.

Don’t think I was familiar with Array.filter, but between <=IE8 (and yes, one can always add another polyfill) and these JSPerf test results, I can’t imagine why I would use it…

One of the more frustrating aspects of my life is when I have to do redundant tasks. Especially when I’m clicking keys on a computer. I mean, that is why these stupid boxes were created! That’s why I love Grunt so much. Anything that can automate redundant processes for me, well, I just love…

You know, like generating mobile-web apps… ;-)

Making your WP content responsive. While most of this can already be done with custom fields, I do really like how the author of WP Mobile Detect plugin uses shortcodes to create filterable content right in the post!

And speaking of WP, I challenge even the most veteran WP dev to not find something in this list of tips and tricks that they did not know about… (Be sure to continue reading through the comments, as usual, readers like us often have more to contribute.)

The other day a co-worker showed me something where she was using CSS Counters. I, in all my wisdom, said “Well, I don’t think those are supported well enough to use here…” About which I learned, happily, I was dead-wrong! That day on the bus ride home, I happened across this article. I love serendipitous synchronicity…

Do any work at all with the HTML5 <video> element? Then you’ll want to read this article.

Ever need to apply a CSS effect to a newly added element? Not as easy as you might think, but is here to help.

Use SASS or LESS? Then you need to know about this little trick.

And while we’re creating CSS with something other than CSS, why not use JS?

Can you find yourself? (Okay, all you have to do is click the map-marker-icon-thingy, but that’s cheating…)

A magnetized wooden cube table. I don’t see why not.

Nearly everyday I learn to love DevTools even more. Now you can find exactly which font from your stack is actually being used

Great collection of off-screen navigation menu transitions.

In the continuing saga that is responsive images, the recent Paris Responsive Images Meetup created quite a strong debate, and hopefully at least a few directions toward a solution.

And here’s a little bit of help from Cloudinary, converting JPGs to WebPs, on-the-fly, if they’re supported by the user’s browser. Additionally, some cool editorial controls are available as well!

Or, go with a pure client-side solution, like RIMG

So, Media Capture looks incredible! Can’t wait `til we can actually use it

Google’s Open Project (that’s pro-j├ęct, as in projector) looks freaking awesome!

The concept of wireless power charging is so fantastic, cannot wait for this to catch on!

Quite a thorough 3D CSS Animation tutorial, but without a link to a working example. I’m always amazed when someone does that…

Of course, this would require some testing before using, but CSSO initially looks like a really good Node-based CSS optimizer.

Find out if you have JS chops, when the clock is ticking

And if you need a little brushing-up, after this lovely little smack in the face…

Twitter conversation about DevTools documentation
Twitter conversation about DevTools documentation

I went hunting and found “the official docs“. READ THEM, a seriously thorough collection of golden nuggets to help you in your everyday dev life!

An especially great one is JavaScript Memory Profiling.

Which will come in really handy when you are Jank Busting with .

And is here to help too

And finally, this is one of the best/worst introductions I’ve ever heard, with the speaker speaking in (almost) pure CSS

Happy reading,

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