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First of all, how excited am I that Cosmos is returning to TV??? Very.

a [manually curated] directory of JavaScript libraries with examples, CDN links, statistics, and sometimes videos about each library.

Have more fun with JS arrays than any one person should be allowed! This time searching and sorting without loops! (Be sure to check the article for the other fun links for playing with JS!)

Reading your news on a computer? That will never take off… It’s almost painful watching him connect with the phone modem, but what a blissful experience, “…getting everything… with the exception of pictures, ads, and the comics…” Ah, Internet, you were once content-driven, look what has become of you…

Yes! As the future of solar energy becomes… brighter, we can finally start moving away from fossil fuels for energy! Fossil fuels, which once replaced wood as our primary energy source. And now, looks like things are going full-circle

But if we continue burning all those fossil fuels instead, we could have all these cool new coastlines! (The map says it’s interactive, and apparently it should be interactive, but they’re suffering several JS breakages at the time of this writing, hopefully resolved soon.)

If anyone ever wants to buy me something, for any reason you choose, this would be a cool gift… Come on, it’s only $3,890…

Hmm, shortcuts… for the Command Line

10 HTML Tags You May Not Be Using. Got me, except for <pre>, which I do use occasionally.

I have been a huge fan of flexbox since I started reading about it, but have to admit I’ve done next-to-nothing about it, since I’ve always considered support to be too weak, and I think it is still too weak, but with articles like this one from CSS-Tricks, I get more and more intrigued

Google Glass, for your ears. We need a better term than “hearing aids” though… Google Ear Buds??

jellyreader: a self-hosted RSS reader. Hmm…

Ever use appcache? Me neither. Who would? What a nightmare! Love this “alternative” approach, however. So simple, so powerful, and yet so already-exists (mostly).

Pointer Events come to Mozilla and Blink!

As you may have gathered from previous writings, I love “walk-through” articles (where devs explain how they did something, in detail, as it happened). I love seeing the process of others, always eager for something I can “borrow” and incorporate into my processes. The good folks Khan Academy just published their front-end performance review of their log-in page. Read.

Pure CSS, no-JS Parallax. LOVE! Beautiful on desktop, iOS 6.1.3 is a little janky, Android 2.3.5 = fail… (of course :-) )

HTML5 API Demos. Love LOVE!

How to flush DNS cache on a Mac. Could’ve used that about 7 months ago, but nice to have now.

Wow, this is a cool design & interface

Responsive, touch-friendly lightbox. Smooth on desktop & iOS, works okay, but understandably differently, on Android 2.3.5.

Since web components are all the rage right now, why not have a collection of implementations?

I think we all know the best way to implement CSS, but it can never hurt to run a URL through the tester, see if there is anything that can be tweaked.

Ok, shit like this just blows my mind… Switch to the dice version, it’s so cool…

Twenty years after Hiroshima, elite American troops trained to stop a Soviet invasion — with nuclear weapons strapped to their backs.

Mein Gott

Get to know inline-block, and all its necessary hacks/tricks/work-arounds, better.

Nice list of CSS pseudo-selectors. Mostly known, I imagine, but take a quick read anyway, you never know what you might suddenly remember

And a nice collection of CSS animation tricks, too!

Let’s do some more CSS, what say? This time a product wall, with interactions a bit like Google Images. Pretty cool!

And, wow, if you ever get tired of writing your own CSS, this is one seriously over-ambitious CSS generator! Anything missing?

Then there’s this one, to help with animations… Are we even needed any more??

I yammer-on about SVG a lot. That’s cause SVG is flippin’ awesome. So who better to trust with an intro-level tutorial about SVG than, well, Flippin’ Awesome?

I like overlays, I think they’re a nice interaction, when done correctly. Here are several great examples of just that!

Pinterest-Style Column Layout In Pure CSS. Like!

And finally, these jokes certainly do hit close to the mark… :-)

Happy reading,

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  1. The appcache alternative link doesn’t provide any appcache alternative.

    • aarontgrogg says:

      @Hugh: Yeah, sorry, that comment was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek… It is true that the link does not provide anything like a polyfill for appcache, but what it provides is an alternative recommendation for appcache-like behavior. With the code provided browsers could replicate what appcache is supposed to do, only much easier, and be backward compatible (meaning, don’t break older browsers).


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