Today’s Readings

JS Quiz time!

And a slew of interview-type questions ranging from CSS and JS to C, C# and Mongo

Marvel comics has an API. I can’t think of a single use for this, but I’m with the first commenter, just happy to know it’s there… (Oh, and I actually HAD that Rawhide Kid comic that’s in the last row of the output sample… :-) )

Get to know the basics of 3D CSS better. Couple nice tips on the last page as well.

Draggable Elements That Push Others Out Of Way, from CSS-Tricks. Slick!

I’m not that down with Node.js, but if you are, Total.js seems like it would be pretty awesome.

Gulp, are we ready to replace to Grunt already? Have to admit, the syntax is certainly easier for me to read…

And if you do dig it, here’s a serendipitous tutorial from Tuts+!

I love when technology moves beyond the mundane and is used to actually better the world. I’ve mentioned previously about robots that move your house plants to follow the sun (okay, that one’s still pretty mundane) and drones that protect endangered species (!!), and now we have iPhones working as scarecrows to help subsistence farmers. Thanks, technology, for moving beyond FB, Twitter, and Instagram…

I tell you, 3D printing is going to turn out to be next big leap into the future! Replacing body parts… Nuts!

And finally, speaking of 3D printing, with Valentine’s Day approaching, is there any geekier way to say I Love You than with 3D-printed roses???

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