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With all the buzz that Google’s PageSpeed Insights created (and the temptation to strive for a better “grade”), Yotta helps bring us back off the ledge, and get a better perspective.

Got SVG? If not, you should. But if you do, you gotta know you can’t always. So how to know? Modernizr is usually the first word out of people’s mouths. Well, Modernizr’s SVG test just got a little more modernizred, thanks to , so you will soon be able to rest a little easier…

A quick localStorage performance test from Steve Souders.

US military’s ‘Iron Man’ armor will be ready for testing by June

Erm, oh…

I’ve previously mentioned North, a design & development standards guide, which leads us to Outdated UX patterns and alternatives (says them, obviously). Scroll through the list, and try to think of one that you don’t see every day as you click through the web… But I guess this is more of a “what we should get rid of”, not necessarily “what is old and disappearing already”…

Interesting iOS touch/mouse event behavior when the DOM changesScrewy would be another word for it, if you ask me…

Two new articles from A List Apart, both relating to animation on the web; some nice reading:

Wireless charging. So ready…

And finally, “prescription” coffee mug and drink cooler… heh.

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