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Attention all web developers: Lend your voice to this Survey of Web Accessibility Practitioners. I always try to help out with these, not because I think my opinion is so important, but because I think everyone’s opinion is important.

Okay, aside from , is anyone else out there a Dvorak keyboard user? I imagine not, but research says we all should be. So why aren’t we?

A thorough analysis from Zoompf and Moz concludes that “there is a correlation between lower time-to-first-byte metrics and higher [Google] search engine rankings.”

Safari and IE will soon be doing their part to help make the web faster.

But what about you? Here are 12 ways to speed up your WordPress website. (The first 8 are good; the rest should be old-hat by now.)

And once you have it fast, make sure you have it secure! While restricting admin page access to a single IP address may not be practical for everyone, all of the others are, and I’m kind of surprised they don’t come standard with WordPress…

Microsoft Makes Opera The Default Browser For Its New Android Phones. Nothing really amazing there, was just awestruck by the combination of MS making a phone that runs on Android, and has Opera as its default browser… WTF???

One of my first tablet-oriented projects was a hortizontally-scrolling website. If feels very natural to swipe left/right on a tablet or a phone. But I was surprised to find myself trying to swipe websites on desktop too. I like the interface, and have thought about implementing it here, for swiping to Previous/Next articles…

Seriously, doesn’t this just feel natural after a couple swipes? Even with mouse click-drag-releases… (Find out more about this example at Tympanus.)

Some fresh new enhancements to Chrome’s DevTools!

And finally, I’ve enjoyed the TBT meme as much as the next person; looking at old photos or people is always entertaining. But just posted a tech TBT, showing off a Flash shooter game he made 8+ years ago. Now that’s entertaining! :-) Sadly, I don’t have a lot of my old website files, but luckily the Internet Archive Wayback Machine does! Have a peak at this site, circa May 25, 2002!

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