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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about favicons, from .

Sticking with Dudley for a second, take a quick look at four HTML elements we may not use very much: code, var, samp and kbd. Okay, I’m sure you use code pretty often, but maybe not the others. And I liked his CSS for kbd so much I decided to Enter it into my own CSS! Thanks, Dudley! :-)

Hmm, quite a nice visual guide to Flexbox.

Normally meaning “call to action,” in cta.js it means “call to animation.” Nice animated interactions.

From comes a revisit of extending native DOM prototypes, rather than creating objects that wrap native DOM elements. I love the way she walks through her thinking, demonstrating options, then pointing out weaknesses, then suggesting solutions.

A great, lengthy, thorough, walk-through of Chrome DevTools’ Timeline, including a bunch of new features.

Most have likely seen this already, but worth posting just in case you haven’t, how to make your iframe-embedded YouTube videos responsive (but you do need to now the ratio of the content).

Got Git? Got Git questions?? Well First Aid git is a “searchable collection of the most frequently asked Git questions”… Handy!

Speaking of Git, from Github (come, it’s close!) talks about some best practices for writing CSS and using CSS preprocessors. Nice easy talk to listen to, and lots of good pointers.

And speaking of CSS, a slick technique for adding descriptive text, like code-sample line numbers or tooltips, but preventing them from being copied during a copy/paste.

Bikers: The Loopwheel gives any bike full-suspension, no shocks required! Slick idea!!

Not sure how often others have to deal with those “weirdo” characters like ö, ç or ñ, but living in Germany and occasionally writing stuff in German, French or Spanish, they’re a nightmare! So, this typography cheatsheet is going to be really helpful, especially this accent character section… :-)

And from the a-week-ago-would-have-been-better category, offer a fantastic collection of WP clean-up and set-up bits for starting a new Theme. Will have to go back and add some of this to the one I started last week… :-)

Speaking of WP, learning about how the paid plugin Advanced Custom Fields Pro can help create modular custom fields comes at just the right time… Might have to consider this…

And one more regarding using WP, this time not as a CMS, but as an API… An interesting concept, that really makes a lot of sense, if you need multiple front-ends…

Okay, this is really the last one for WP, and it’s all about coding best practices, and avoiding coding actual URLs into your WPcode, and using functions to get those URLs instead. Smart advice, and a great collection of function names & use-cases!

And finally, maybe it’s the little boy in me, but I’ve always been interested in the inner-workings of the under-belly of cities: What makes them tick? How do things move around?? And in general, just what makes stuff work??? points to a fantastic glimpse inside NYC‘s MTA, via their Flickr account.

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