Today’s Readings

Basic primer on how to Master Responsive Design Using CSS.

Then you could take a free Udacity course on responsive images! Can’t beat the price… ;-)

Regex. Done shuddering yet? Hopefully RegexOne can help you learn more, and thus hate less, about Regex. At least just a little…

And while we’re on the topic of learning, let’s gamify it up a bit!

  • git-game is a terminal game designed to test your knowledge of git commands.
  • JavaScript Scope Quiz is, well, pretty aptly-named…
  • shortcutFoo helps you practice, and thus learn, more shortcuts in a bunch of languages and applications.
  • exercism is a GitHub-based, crowd-sourced, exercise-based learning tool for a bunch of programming languages. (Okay, not really a game, but… sorta kind of… ;-) )

As the arrival Microsoft’s Edge browser nears, how can Mac and Linux developers test & debug? offers solutions.

This map shows the world’s buses & trains moving, in real-time… (Or at least where real-time data is available.) Freaking awesome!! Nice to know I can just watch this to know when my bus is coming in the morning… ;-) It gets really freaky when you zoom-out, and bump-up the speed… :-)

A pure-CSS filter by color demo. Great work! Now imagine those color names being categories or subjects or something-else-that-would-be-put-into-a-tabbed-interface, and toggling their visibilities, all with CSS-only… Love!

TextBlade for Smartphones & Tablets is seriously impressive, but I think I would accept a little more size, for a little bit bigger keys… Cool nevertheless!

I have mentioned BrowserHacks before, a long, long time ago, but it is incredible enough to mention again, and I am amazed at how it has grown!

A new newsletter has come to town, called SVG Weekly, and here are a few choice samples:

Looking very forward to reading much more from here!

And now that our SVGs and animations are all sussed out, let’s figure out how to animate Quadratic B√©zier Curves

Chrome is adding GPU Rasterization that “can take your paint overheads from 100ms/frame to 4-5ms/frame”… But not everywhere, yet.

Telling the horrors of hydraulic fracking, with a lovely parallax scroll

And finally, I will be traveling (and relaxing!) over the upcoming long weekend, so your eyeballs and brains get a reprieve this coming Friday and Monday, as there will be no new issue either day. But I hope to have another installment ready for next Wednesday. ¬°Hasta luego!

Happy reading,

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