Today’s Readings

Basic primer on how to Master Responsive Design Using CSS.

Then you could take a free Udacity course on responsive images! Can’t beat the price… ;-)

Regex. Done shuddering yet? Hopefully RegexOne can help you learn more, and thus hate less, about Regex. At least just a little…

And while we’re on the topic of learning, let’s gamify it up a bit!

  • git-game is a terminal game designed to test your knowledge of git commands.
  • JavaScript Scope Quiz is, well, pretty aptly-named…
  • shortcutFoo helps you practice, and thus learn, more shortcuts in a bunch of languages and applications.
  • exercism is a GitHub-based, crowd-sourced, exercise-based learning tool for a bunch of programming languages. (Okay, not really a game, but… sorta kind of… ;-) )

As the arrival Microsoft’s Edge browser nears, how can Mac and Linux developers test & debug? offers solutions.

This map shows the world’s buses & trains moving, in real-time… (Or at least where real-time data is available.) Freaking awesome!! Nice to know I can just watch this to know when my bus is coming in the morning… ;-) It gets really freaky when you zoom-out, and bump-up the speed… :-)

A pure-CSS filter by color demo. Great work! Now imagine those color names being categories or subjects or something-else-that-would-be-put-into-a-tabbed-interface, and toggling their visibilities, all with CSS-only… Love!

TextBlade for Smartphones & Tablets is seriously impressive, but I think I would accept a little more size, for a little bit bigger keys… Cool nevertheless!

I have mentioned BrowserHacks before, a long, long time ago, but it is incredible enough to mention again, and I am amazed at how it has grown!

A new newsletter has come to town, called SVG Weekly, and here are a few choice samples:

Looking very forward to reading much more from here!

And now that our SVGs and animations are all sussed out, let’s figure out how to animate Quadratic Bézier Curves

Chrome is adding GPU Rasterization that “can take your paint overheads from 100ms/frame to 4-5ms/frame”… But not everywhere, yet.

Telling the horrors of hydraulic fracking, with a lovely parallax scroll

And finally, I will be traveling (and relaxing!) over the upcoming long weekend, so your eyeballs and brains get a reprieve this coming Friday and Monday, as there will be no new issue either day. But I hope to have another installment ready for next Wednesday. ¡Hasta luego!

Happy reading,

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  1. William Scof says:

    Great article !
    But Udacity does provide a course on CSS for free ?
    I cannot be find it can you provide me the course details ?

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