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After a great, relaxing holiday weekend, working in London for the rest of the week took all of my energy, and I’m only now getting back into the swing of things… :-) So let’s get to it!

A video series for web developers on learning a modern command line workflow with ZSH, Z and related tools.

Certainly one of the more entertaining CVs that I have ever seen…

The True Cost of Progressive Enhancement by rings so loud and true. I have experienced the “we only need it to work [here]” followed not long after by “and [here] and [here]” several times…

An interesting peak inside “the facts” about infinite scrolling bounce rate reductions.

Understanding and Manually Improving SVG Optimization. Simple, sage advice.

Then helps us avoid common SVG pitfalls.

Guidelines for Animation Timing: Why great design feels right. Wait, I have do maths? But it’s oh-so worth it!

offers a great perspective on performance as a reaction to Facebook’s recent announcement of Instant Articles. The basic point being that, yes, some sites really are slow, but that is because the team designing and developing it chose to put their energy elsewhere, and thus we should be very careful where we decide to direct such energies…

And keeping in step with both of the above-articles, here are a few tips to make things seem faster, which might help you be able to reduce site load times, by adding less crap…

And here is some good news that will allow us to make smart choices about our sites’ behavior when our users’ batteries are getting low

And another attempt to make things seem faster, is this cool blur effect.

Okay, let’s lighten things up a bit, with a gorgeous collection of maps!

The title of this CSS article is confusing to me, but the demos and lessons of counting and ordering using only CSS, are not.

A quick reminder that there are seldom “right” or “wrong” ways of doing things in our business, mostly just shades of gray…

Following that notion, here is an article that claims BEM is the “right” way to go… :-) Just finished launching a redesign of the Netbiscuits website, where I attempted to incorporate the BEM methodology, mixed into Snook’s SMACSS structure. I am mostly happy with the way things turned out, though there are still a few items I want to improve upon.

From comes a cool text effect using mix-blend-mode that degrades nicely in non-supporting browsers. He even offers two variations of the approach!

And finally, this gorgeous animated video, played under the speech of the late, great , poignantly displays just how fragile we all are…

Happy reading,

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