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from SitePoint writes a thoughtful piece on the benefits of progressive enhancement and the pitfalls of falling short.

One of the best opportunities to use progressive enhancement is animation: it should never be required, but it can really add a nice polish. So making animation perform well is critical, so knowing how to make animation perform well, is too. A nice dissection of what’s so bad about jQuery’s .animate, and how easy it is to write a better version.

I love when a developer walks through a recent project, discussing the options they had, the research they did and the choices they made, and the reasons for those choices. I feel like I can always learn something! walks us through a recent client rebuild. Great insights!

And if you want some additional help peeking under the hood of your project, Performance-analyser is a new Chrome Extension, and Peek is a new tool that tests “for accessibility, usability, SEO and over 40+ quality issues”. Well alrighty, then…

A slick Flexbox example of how to create all six faces of a die with only CSS. One of the most astonishing lines for me was that “93% of people are now running a browser that supports flexbox”… Wow. Makes you want to, like, take a Flexbox course or something, doesn’t it?? (I’m signed-up!)

No matter how great we are as developers, there will always be bugs. And how annoying they are to resolve and how fast they are resolved is directly connected to how well they are reported. Great tips on how to report great bugs in a team environment.

Really impressive iconification techniques. Love the concept and, even for a demo, very nicely polished!

So far I have not had a chance (read: reason) to dig into Gulp. I’m still sitting happily in Gruntland. But here is a Gulp automation approach for WordPress. Pretty much exactly what I do for the Netbiscuits WP site, only using Grunt. So, whatever works for you, just as long as you’re letting the computer do all the work it can do! :-)

Any Sublime Texters out there? I’m sure there are, so here are a bunch of plugins for you! (Be careful, though, the last time I went through a list like this, I managed to bring my Sublime Text to a creeping crawl…)

Like so many other pinnacles of truth-seeking journalism, the Onion has recently redesigned their site to be responsive, and it sure does flow nicely… And in true Onion fashion, they have documented the experience in their inimitable style… ;-)

Just in case you find Can I Use‘s website too easy to read and all the colors in their data tables to be too distracting, you can now get all your Can I Use info via the command line

With all the wonderful code builders out there, like the ones for background gradients, flexbox, video, etc., this caret builder initially seems a little silly, but it is a nice little tool!

Or you could just go to CSS Reflex and get nearly all of them under one roof… FTW!! :-)

Some great caption/hover effects! As usual, a couple are a bit out there, but all are creative and unique!

Speaking of creative and unique, The Boat is pretty fantastic! I hope your PC/browser handles all that WebGL better than my 7-year old MacBook Pro does though…

And finally, when it comes to creative and unique CVs, this one just about takes the cake for me! Love!!!

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