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walks us through creating animated pie charts using HTML & CSS, or using SVG. The choice is yours. :-)

What the Flexbox? is a 20 video tutorial on, well, flexbox, of course. Can’t wait to dive in!

I recently did a very macro-level write-up on Service Workers (and Web Workers and WebSockets) and have since been thinking about integration possibilities. Well, like all new tech, we should be sure it makes sense before pushing it on our users. And a big part of making sense is performance. So here is a nice Service Worker performance test already done for you!

Hmm, rotationAngle and touchRadius do seem useful, though for some pretty high-level interaction.

And apparently the Web Bluetooth API and Web NFC API are both slowly gaining some traction in browsers too!!

presents us with The pro’s guide to responsive web design. If you’re already working on RWD sites, then you will recognize these as the bare-necessities required to get your site running beautifully, everywhere. Nice collection!

A nice idea to be able to Position an element relatively to another element from anywhere in the DOM. I have often wanted a position: fixed element to be relative to a parent element

Windows 10 certainly made some noise with its recent release. But how do we Mac people go about trying it out? VM? (puke!) Here’s a nice option: use Mac OS‘s Boot Camp to Windows 10 in its own partition.

Quantity Queries is another new tool for creating CSS nth-child selectors. Yeah, that crap is hard to just hand-write…

offers an update on front-end ops.

shares a couple quick ways to make Better Diagrams with SVG and Blend Modes.

gives a somewhat tongue-in-cheek, though completely appropriate close-up look at CSS frameworks. BEM, OOCSS, SMACSS, and more, all equally poked. But it’s not their fault, its ours!

A quick history of, and brief discussion about, vendor prefixes.

CSS Motion Paths allow you to animate along SVG-like paths, versus simple in-place (fade-in/-out) or linear paths (top/left) with just CSS (no JS needed)! Chrome-/Opera-only so far, but an interesting concept!

And finally, as usual, collects all the right quotes, from all right sources, to aptly summarize the true state of the web today. Bottom line? We all own at least some part of the suckage of the web… offers a nice companion piece.

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