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offers some mostly-common-sense CSS advice, but I absolutely love the quote “Style the branches, not each leaf”, and from the comments, it appears one can never reference currentColor often enough…

And a bit more sage CSS advice from ; that first image is a perfect depiction of pretty much every CSS file I have ever seen…

The future of layout with CSS: Grid Layouts certainly made the rounds when it came out, and it’s a great article, and anyone interested should really start playing, but since Chrome requires a flag, IE has it but did it wrong, Firefox “has started implementing it”, and there is a polyfill but you “probably should not use [it] in production”… I think I will pass for now… :-/

All Websites Look The Same. Funny. And Sad. Because it’s so true… How many sites have you made with basically that same design?

I am thoroughly impressed with how smoothly Infinite-list appends and scrolls on mobile. Bravo! You know, just in case you need that sort of thing…

The Modernizr feature-detection script now includes four tests for flexbox support, which you can use to target browsers with varying levels of support more precisely.

Combine that with the fantastic browser support that Flexbox now has, and you are in pretty darned good shape!

A good friend, , also shared the polyfill-free, fallback-friendly Flexbox framework Reflex; have not used it personally, but Alex promises a full report! :-)

5 Responsive Design Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them is really more about resolving common issues on mobile devices, but the points are good, and the solutions should be in every developer’s toolbox!

A collection of useful CSS protips; indeed useful items, cannot wait to see it grow! Where’s your pull request?? :-)

From comes what forces layout / reflow. Seriously useful info!

Got iOS 9? Don’t need it? Maybe these bells and whistles will change your mind…

And finally, because no home is complete without an inflatable Jabba the Hut lawn ornament

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