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Huge, huge news from the world of WordPress, with 4.4 bringing us built-in responsive images, that couldn’t be easier

Sticking with responsive images, here’s a clever technique to use Service Workers to interrupt images fetches, replacing JPGs with WebPs if the browser supports them!

And sticking with Service Workers, here’s a clever technique to user Service Workers to serve offline content when your site’s users lose their connection!

takes on a walk through several of the AMP Project’s best performance optimizations. All stuff you can incorporate into your own projects.

I had never heard of font: caption before, and it doesn’t appear to work, at least on my Windows 7 machine… I get Arial…

A ton of CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript responsive navigation examples, demos, and tutorials from all over the web

Got Sass? I, do not, but I would like to. So I’m thankful for ‘s Learning Sass with CodePen reading list.

Sticking with Dudley, as he presents a veritable cornucopia of JavaScript randomness! Good stuff!

I had never thought about animating a pseudo element’s content before… Brilliant!

Smashing Magazine is well known for its lengthy articles, and here is another, this time for a collection of “layout patterns well suited to flexbox”, including code samples! :-)

Wanna travel back in time? CSS Tricks walks us backward through the history of image replacement techniques

Along with so many other new things we have to think about since the arrival of web-capable phones & tablets, how users hold their little devices should be of major concern to UI designers and developers.

Sticking with A List Apart, , of ClearLeft fame, takes us From Pages to Patterns: An Exercise for Everyone, exploring the new direction we as designers and developers should be thinking…

And finally, a sobering view of the world wide web by , from his presentation at the Velocity Conference in Amsterdam. How will you plan for the future?

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