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With all the hub-bub that Google’s AMP Project made when it was first announced, and all the confusion the lack of proper details created, it is nice to see offer up a collection of resources and facts about the project.

We are releasing today W3C Developers avenue, a one-stop page featuring the offerings and tools W3C has for Web developers, to guide them to what they need for their work. We are doing this to encourage greater developer engagement with W3C due to their increased importance leveraging the Open Web Platform.

As well as W3Cx, free online courses from the W3C! Loving it!!

And as long as we’re all school-minded, how about a quiz to find out how well you understand Object-Oriented JavaScript with ES6?

Shared by , The Toast’s style guide is a first-class example of how these should be created, and maintained…

presents an interesting interactive image effect using SVG to sort of create image map hot spots

For just about any situation in life, offers sage advice: Be comfortable looking like an idiot

Very cool interactive card stacks ideas, really cool!

If you’re working with AngularJS, Tuts+ offers a look into 1.4’s ngAnimate to add a little animation to your projects.

Or maybe you’re looking to push onward to AngularJS 2.0… That upgrade is no small feat, but ngUpgrade might help make that no small feat just a little bit smaller

But I don’t want the AngularJS developers to have all the fun! Hopefully this React cheatsheet will be helpful for any React developers out there!

I mentioned ServiceWorker: Revolution of the Web Platform in any earlier issue of Today’s Readings, and here is the follow-up article, ServiceWorker and Progressive Networking, “dealing with stale cached content in a ServiceWorker.”

And finally, reader shared his article on WordPress SEO tips. While I’m no longer sold on the concept of “SEO“, at least not by its original definition, Matt goes beyond those old keyword-stuffing, only-one-H1, link-sharing tactics, and gets into modern concepts such as improving page performance and content structure that actually do affect your search engine listings in today’s indexes. His list also goes well beyond just WordPress and is worth at least a scan for any content provider.

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