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Polyfill as a Service is freaking brilliant!! And I imagine would also be a freaking nightmare to maintain…

Some fantastic examples of Flexbox layouts and how to implement them, from Smashing Magazine.

Sprinkle in some margin auto and you’ve got some real layout magic!

And for a little better understanding, Flexbox Tester will help you “Understand how to calculate the width of flex items.”

And if you want to understand browser actually renders a website, watch Ryan Seddon’s JSConfEU 2015 presentation!

If you’re looking to dig into Service Workers, walks us through his first Service Worker.

Then he walks us through Cache-limiting in Service Workers!

And if those don’t do it for you, talks about his experience with Service Workers.

Then shares another presentation from JSConfEU 2015, where and present on using Service Worker and browser storage to handle offline (or not-so-online) situations.

And if you still need more Service Worker stuff, offers a few Offline Recipes for Service Workers!

But what if you already have and app and want to add Service Workers to it? Well, Google Developers has you covered there!

So, how’s your ES6 doing? Find out with this ES6 quiz.

It’s always fun to see what other developers use, hopefully to find something useful for our own tool belt. So let’s see what WordPress Plugins CSS Tricks uses!

Might also have a look through this list of WordPress plugins for security, search engine optimization and performance.

Okay, show of hands, who physically tests their products in screen readers? Okay, you, the one person in the back, on how many screen readers?? While not proving actual testing in all screen readers, this work in progress provides examples of “[t]ypical support patterns of HTML elements by screen readers”, so you at least have some idea what your screen reader users might encounter. Very damned nice!

I love this deconstruction process: stop thinking in pages, and instead think in patterns!

Got jQuery? Then make sure you know (at least) these jQuery tips.

Creating Alpha Channel JPEGs Using SVG. At first I thought, “So what, and why??” Then I saw the example, support matrix, and compression results and thought, “What? Why not???” Impressive option!

And finally, this is a seriously impressive, and entertaining, example of SVG and JS animation (caution: this has sound)!

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