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Some great JavaScript learning resources, to help with WordPress, of all things…

It’s ServiceWorkerPalooza, folks! More Service Worker videos that you can shake a Promise at!

And once you have your Service Worker-enabled offline-ready site in place, sprinkle a little Background Sync to deal with those pesky offline data submissions that your users need to make!

Most of these 25 Pro Tips for Improving Your CSS Workflow are things that I think most devs probably already do, and some probably don’t make sense if you are using a preprocessor, but to me, these types of lists are always worth at least a scan. For example, #16 is new to me, and any WP dev should love it too!

And while that article doesn’t mention using a style guide, it does mention preprocessors. And ‘s Expressive CSS is a mighty fine-looking example. I have never worked on a project where a style guide was properly created and followed, but a boy can dream, can’t he?

I have also not yet had to implement Flexbox and support older versions of IE (e.g., 8 and 9). But flexibility seems like a very elegant approach, and parsing applied CSS rather than CSS files to allow cross-domain application… why that’s just plain clever!

Some great examples of Animating Clipped Elements In SVG!

And a great description of the painful experience of providing SVG fallbacks… (The solution takes great advantage of Sass, but you could hand-code everything, if you really had to…)

Anybody building for HTTP/2 yet? Sure looks good, right? Faster and more secure, and support is gaining traction, too! But while HTTP/2 will nicely fallback to HTTP/1 when not supported, developer best practices vary greatly between the two protocols, meaning you screw one group of users, or you fork your code-base… Well, walks us all through how we can upgrade to HTTP/2 while still supporting HTTP/1.

It shocks me that in 2016 (okay, it was written at the very end of 2015, but still!), we are still trying to convince people to develop from the ground-up, via progressive enhancement, but here we are again: , explaining progressive enhancement and its merits… Read. Do.

provides us all with a quick list of his favorite front-end tools (of 2015). Well-worth a scroll, never know what you might find! Such as…

How much time have you spent sitting with two browser windows open side-by-side, clicking and scrolling, flicking your eyeballs back-and-forth, inspecting two elements, trying to find out why this one looks fine, but that one doesn’t? Well now a new Chrome Extension, CSS Diff, does all the comparing and contrasting for you, from right inside the cozy comfort of DevTools… Ahhh….

And speaking of DevTools, if you are not already familiar with Dev Tips, WT…??? Just look at these recent beauties, like being able to easily toggle CSS classes, or being able to simulate throttling CPU speeds! Right?

And finally, yes, it’s from 2012, but this tweet from Paul Ford remains hilariously, painfully, accurate to this date, and sadly will likely do so well into our future… :-?

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