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Do you really know what REST means?

Turn your TV into a dashboard displaying any webpage!

Hmm… Need to dig into that a bit!

Some great animation best practices from . In a nutshell:

  • Animate exclusively opacity and transform
  • Keep your animations fast (usually around 300ms)
  • Animate things independently
  • Always use custom easings

Watch the entire vid for the why, how and when. Great points all around! Love the idea of using CSS animations instead of videos for demos… Such smart!

Benjamin’s presentation also turns us on to his “simple animation library”, animate. Check-out the “quick demo of 500 elements animating“.

Another great presentation video, this time from , where he begs us to go small or go home, with regards to JS… I’ll even be nice and link to his slides, which in turn has links to the resources Henrik mentions.

Chrome DevTools has added a new Security panel.

And the IETF approves HTTP error code 451 for when content is blocked for legal reasons.

I still need to properly dig into React, and it is next on my tech-learning To Do list. Especially when I see things like Generating SVG With React!

And while we’re there, walks us through adding a “click” state to an SVG element, both via JS and via CSS!

A good example of using Service Worker to instantly render page refreshes, including updated page content. Of course, this works best for apps, where all content resides within the page, and maybe doesn’t need database interaction, but it is a nice implementation!

And any time you feel like learning everything there is to know about JS, has curated the list of links you will need

And after all that, if you still need/want it, here is a little more on Promises.

And after all that, you should have no problem answering all of these JS interview questions… Oy.

. Getting started with Progressive Web Apps. Nuff said.

Regular expressions. (Done shuddering?) So powerful, such a pain in the ass. Well no more: meet VerbalExpressions. The repo’s code sample:

var tester = VerEx()
    .anythingBut(' ')


Element Queries for CSS

Yes, it requires JS. And yes, it requires a separate script block for your CSS element queries. But yes, you get to use element queries!

And finally, can I get an [insert preferred version of Thank God! here], as Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 starting Tuesday, January 12, 2015… And the world shall rejoice… :-)

Happy reading,

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  1. Kai says:

    I really like the Security Panel in theChrome DevTools :)

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