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provides us with a list of Surprising CSS properties you can use today. We’re seeing so many “new” features suddenly being widely supported that I feel like Can I Use needs an alert feature, to let developers know when a new feature has reach, say, 95% browser support…

Like Apple, in some very-unlike-Apple news, surprisingly adding some seriously major updates to iOS 9.1, including the landing of picture in Safari (the last major missing piece to the responsive image puzzle), the removal of the 350ms wait for touch events, and a slew of CSS updates, including CSS variables, the addition of will-change, and unprefixed support of filter property!

Or the surprising level of support CSS @supports now enjoys. Check-out ‘s Introduction to CSS’s @supports Rule. A fantastically powerful feature!

Then shows us how to animate along a curved path with CSS.

Got Node.js? Worried about CPU issues? Find out How to track down CPU issues in Node.js.

And encourages us to reach outside the boxes and let print layouts influence our web layouts.

I was not familiar with IFTTT before, but this article about using IFTTT to automate WordPress tasks is pretty alluring…

turns us on to, by , as a very easy way to check the security headers for a website. And if, like me, you’d like some help getting those set-up correctly, provides an example of how to implement each of these via .htaccess.

Next up, walks us through Optimising SVGs for Web Use.

Using System Fonts in the Browser. Wasn’t sure the purpose of this, until the very end where the author states:
Another use for these keywords to create the look of a native application. By using the same font the machine uses in the same scenarios, e.g. buttons, dropdown menus, you can make your website or application look native to the user’s system.

Introducing JavaScript Tips, A JS tip per day! Well there you go.

Remember Web Components? Yeah, me too, but haven’t heard much lately. is here to provide a nice update.

And finally, there once was a time when pedestrians had the same rights as vehicle drivers. And with that, I would imagine bicyclists??  Shame that we lost that…

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