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Apparently as developers we suck at taking full advantage of “touch keyboard” possibilities, but doing better doesn’t seem so hard!

Sticking with that line for a sec, provides a couple very simple techniques for vastly improving the usability and accessibility of form elements.

And provides a nifty CSS-only trick for indicating form element validation via pseudo elements. Understandably, he’s not all that crazy about his final work, with the extraneous span, but be sure to check-out his update at the end of the article.

And speaking of Jeremy, was too, as he addresses Jeremy’s question about Service Worker cache handling.

And speaking of Service Workers, do you know how to debug Service Workers in Chrome DevTools?

This isn’t news to anyone, but we should all be made to listen to presentations like this over and over again, until we do something about it…

The overweight web: Average web page size is up 15% in 2014
The Website Obesity Crisis, by

SVG Partial Blur and iOS Style Translucency. I don’t see an practical application for this, but it looks so cool I had to mention it. Maybe as a modal overlay’s background layer?

I love learning about new, exciting presenters and thinkers, so thanks to for posting the video of ‘ presentation Building a Better Web Browser (James’ talk actually begins at about 1:49).

Gorgeous, insightful, and entertaining application of canvas rendering SVG maps that dynamically pan and animate as you read and scroll through a story. Fun!

Universal constant: sequels suck. Right? Maybe not always. brings us 12 Little-Known CSS Facts (The Sequel).

It is exciting to see front-end technologies taking a bigger foothold in the server-side world, as MVCs continue to push their way into “back-end” areas, such as setting up data persistence and sessions when using React!

And speaking of React, HTML into React components automates the process of converting static HTML into React components…

And speaking of automating React, OverReact let’s you wireframe React components and download the starter files. What is this world coming to, that we have a WYSIWYG for something like React??? :-)

And speaking of automation, RoboJS dynamically loads JS depending on how the DOM is manipulated:

Add a node to the DOM and a JS will be loaded! Remove a node and the JS will be disposed!!” No framework dependencies, and less than 6kb

Really fascinating look under the hood of WordPress by : Useful Tips To Get Started With WordPress Hooks.

And finally, this…

A pastor, a priest and a rabbi walk into a bar...  All three hurt their head...
A pastor, a priest and a rabbi walk into a bar…

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