A Couple More Firefox Tips…

Did you know…

  • …you can highlight a word or phrase on a webpage then right-click the highlighted word or phrase to get a context menu with two useful options:
    1. Search Google for [highlighted word or phrase] – this performs a Google search for whatever you have highlighted
    2. View Selection Source – this views the page source, with your highlighted word or phrase highlighted in the source view and that portion of the source visible in the window (no scrolling or Find necessary!)
  • …if you press Ctrl+E your cursor will jump straight to the Google search bar (upper-right corner of your FF browser window)?
  • …and that, after typing your desired search phrase in the Google search bar, pressing Alt+Enter starts your search in a brand new tab, preserving your current window ?
  • …you can also highlight a word or phrase and drag-and-drop the highlighted content from the webpage into the search bar for automatic searches?
  • …that if you click the down-arrow beside the Google search bar “G”, you can search using different search engines, and that you can even edit the list of available engines (Manager Search Engines > Get more search engines sends you to http://addons.mozilla.org to select the search engines you wish to add to that drop-down)

Good stuff.


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