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Wow, check-it out!!!  Apparently they’ve finally made a computer that is portable!

So, this actually works, and pretty well…  You can do one letter at a time, or just keep writing (assuming you don’t run out of screen, but if you do, just wait for it to catch up, then resume)…  Those crazy Goo-Goo kids…

And speaking of Google, I know this makes me spoiled, but I am always disappointed when their Doodles don’t do something mind-blowing

I have written about the voodoo magic of 3D printing before, but it still just amazes me… Is this how the replicator gets started???

And then’s there’s this wonderful use for 3D printing

Modernizr, but native in the browser, with @supports…  Me like!

If it weren’t for the d-bag acting like he’s licking her pit, this would be a really great shot.

Louis Lazaris is usually good for something good to read, but here are 10 good things to watch!

There was a TON of stuff about the latest Mars rover, Curiosity, including this snapshot taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter flying overhead as Curiosity landed, but this has to be, by far, the best thing I’ve seen on the topic…  Thanks Dan!

Or maybe you would prefer a video of the real thing, as it happened, from the perspective of the lander itself?

And while we’re geeking out on science, how about these incredible space photos?

The 33 best web performance links of Q2 2012… And that’s all there is to say about that.

And finally, an inspiring moment regarding our species, and how, at times, we can actually interact quite well with the other species with which we share this planet…

And finally finally, this will rip your heart out

Happy reading,

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