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This is a cool feature (one made popular by Facebook I think). If you’re on an A-Grade device. Doesn’t work so well on older Android devices, as noted by the author.

A couple nice videos about tracking performance in Chrome’s Web Inspector.

And another new feature in Chrome’s Inspector is Source Maps, which lets you debug minified JS files, but find the line number from the unminified source! Another good tutorial on teh subject. Not completely ready for prime-time just yet, but coming soon!

Great collection of UI thoughts and approaches for designing across multiple devices & screen sizes.

And this follows nicely, with considerations you should be aware of when designing/developing web apps.

I’m not normally one that gets too excited about “what’s coming”, since we never know if, or when, something might start appearing, and then how long it will take for it to be ubiquitous enough to actually be usable. But these new CSS selectors are pretty cool, and I’m particularly excited about the parent selector! And I vow to never utter the phrase CSS4 myself… :-)

Everything you have ever (and never!) wanted to know about favicons

This is freaking awesome! Be sure to click the Play Walkthrough button… Seriously fun to watch!

Fantastic intro to all things WebKit including the various pieces that make-up the WebKit project and how Layout works.

Um, nuts.  Dude is completely nuts

Some great things are headed our way in the field of Layout.  Looking forward to things like regions, exclusions and shapes!

Inspirational responsive sites, nice work!

I think most mobile developers probably know most of these mobile performance rules, but #3 was interesting to me.

When was the last time you saw an animated GIF that you thought was cool? 1996? 1997, maybe? And even then, I would argue that that GIF probably wasn’t actually cool, you just thought it was cool… But these animated GIFs… are cool

And finally, admit it, you’ve always wanted to know, and now you do

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