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Well, it’s hard to believe, but this is actually the 100th installment of this little Today’s Readings thing I do… The first installment was published March 22 2009, nearly four years ago! Not quite the beast it has since become…

There are some advancements in technology that, while admirable, just don’t quite feel right… yet?

A sexy case for your iPhone, but it’s even sexier for your iPhone’s battery!

Another step forward for 3D printers, but they’re now ready to start printing human body parts??

Are you ready for infinite cloud storage? Bitcasa is. The first 10GB are free, and pricing is reasonable after that…

Not quite as exciting to me as the promo for the upcoming Oz the Great and Powerful movie, but Find Your Way To OZ sure is an entertaining example of HTML/CSS/JS…

I personally think the technology behind Tweetmaps is more interesting than Tweetmaps itself, but a nice mashup of web techs!

Using any form of client-side storage has always been a pain. From cookies, to finally getting localStorage, to almost getting client-side databases, to hopefully some day soon getting File System, it has never quite been what we’ve needed. IDBWrapper tries to make things a little better.

Easy Way Subtitles will blow your mind… The live product isn’t that impressive if you’re not also watching a live Brailian TV show, but the video demo is really awesome

Trouble remembering all your various usernames and passwords? How about reminding clients of their username/passwords?? Never mind the security risk of IMing or emailing them back and forth… John Resig shares a technique that he recently learned to include that info in your source control!

And speaking of source control, each day our web developer world is creeping more and more into the world of Git. Here are a few pro-tips to help you impress the kids at the soda shop!

A serious list of web performance articles. Read-up, web developers, the fat-ass web we’ve created needs our help!

Recently had a conversation with someone that just couldn’t quite believe there were actual cables running along the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Well, here’s proof-positive, and it ain’t just the Atlantic, my friend… :-)

REMux is a really interesting approach to responsive web development, nice job.

And finally, there are rumors out there that some day people will be able to work… from their home… Such “home offices”, as they’re being called, will apparently include a “computerized communications console”! Sounds very exciting, can’t wait for that day to come!

Happy reading,

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