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Chrome continues its quest to become the only browser you need, including in-browser development!

And speaking of Chrome, here’s more than you ever wanted to know about how Chrome works

Mac user? If so, these little “fix-it” tips might help you get around any annoying performance issues. (Though, not sure if I’d really call “turn it off, turn it on” a fix-it tip… :-)

I’m so ready

Already so much time and energy spent over a tiny little image, yet here is just a smidge more code to make the favicon work cross-browser. And we all know we’re going to do it, right??

Everyone hates the horizontal scroll right? And infinite scroll too, right? Apparently not. Stephen Burgess creates a subtle, tasteful horizontal, and infinite, scroll site. And unlike so many cool-home-page sites, he actually creates a nice interaction for article pages and modals as well. Nice job, Stephen!

Lately I’ve been really into anything I can find to help people think of web design from the “fresh-approach” of responsive-first. Luke Brooker’s talk at DrupalCon Sydney, Improving Your Responsive Workflow With Style Guides, is right on track!

How about one more name-drop? Why not. Trent Walton is always a good read, and here’s further proof, with his Where to Start article on responsive development. Worth reading even if you’re already “doing it”.

And keeping the responsive ride going, how about a font-size that is responsive to how far your face is from the device?

REALLY wish I could have made it to Edge Conf, but at least the videos are starting to pop-up! Addition notes/thoughts also available from Bruce Lawson and Chris Heilmann.

While we’re at it, lets not forget the Web Directions South 2012, now in video form

Got WordPress? Me too, and here is a nice little article about what to look for when you’re developing (or investigating whether to use) a WordPress plug-in.

Is anyone else using Sublime Text as their IDE? Seems like I should lock myself in the toolshed for a couple days and just get fluent with it, right?

So all we need to do now is coat ourselves completely with Ultra-Ever Dry and we’ll never have to carry another umbrella, ever!

Great article from A List Apart on user-centered design and finding the right balance between design and development techniques. It also provides me with my new life motto:

Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others.

I think it’s great that the quote comes from the man that helped draft the TCP spec

Sadly, this is one of those things that I’ve “been meaning to do”… Seems like a good rainy-day project, get this blog and my Boilerplate WP Theme in shape… Will be nice to have this all built-in to future projects from the start, like it should be, not applied as some after-thought…

Having never made an Objective-C iOS app, I’m not really that into this, but I thought it was interesting, and maybe someone else out there will too…

Some day CSS Regions are going to be completely awesome! And thanks to Adobe, that day could be today

As Paul Bakaus says in the article, I think this seems too good to be true, but it is definitely something I will be checking out as soon as I get into work. The article says “MIH” stands for “Make It Happen”, but if it works like it looks, it’s going to stand for “Make I Happy”… ;-)

And finally, the world of physics suddenly has meaning in my life… :-)

Happy reading,

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