Today’s Readings

A nice intro-to-animation article, not just showing the code to use, but also explaining the process and some of the terminology, and when to use which method. Be sure to check out the Next Steps links near the bottom.

Great piece from Addy Osmani on how to analyze your CSS for choke-points and repaint performance pains.

Enjoyed that so much, let’s do another one!

Ever gone hunting around the web for some seldom-used HTML entity code? No longer.

A polyfill for CSS units vw, vh & vmin. Yes!

Never have a client ask “Why isn’t the site in English?” ever again…

Three nice write-ups by Jeremy Keith from An Event Apart in Atlanta.

Pretty cool idea for showcasing your responsive skills. I think this site transitions rather nicely… :-)

35 fun JS examples. Enjoy.

With flexbox layout seeming so powerful, yet so mired in the standards, and so slowly coming over the horizon, here are Three clever people talk about CSS layout.

And here are two more bits about flexbox, one regarding the Flexbox syntax for IE 10, and another regarding Mixing Old and New for the Best Browser Support.

If I were more of a paranoid person, this would totally freak me out

Nicholas C. Zakas writes about Making an accessible dialog box.

And speaking of accessibility, I’m so annoyed with myself for not already knowing ARIA better

Also annoyed that I haven’t yet tried playing with WebRTC

Trouble picking color schemes? HailPixel is here to help. (Be sure to click the ? icon in the bottom-left for a few more options.)

And finally, it’s like a Google Map, but for Star Wars

Happy reading,

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