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I’ve been wanting to write this article about RWD for so long, glad someone better at writing finally did it for me!

Beautiful collection of animated, responsive navigation menus. Demo 4 is my personal fave…


Bah! Ligature Icon Font is exactly what I was looking for when I added the icon fonts to my sidebar, but when all my searches back bonk, convinced myself I had dreamt it! Okay, project for my next free time…

Google’s new PageSpeed Service makes some pretty drastic rewrites of your pages in order to make them as fast as possible, especially for mobile. Sign-up for an invite if you think it’s right for your site!

An animated flexbox sure makes a pretty accordion

Google Chrome Extension DevTools Redirect is a nice, simpler replacement for Fiddler. Though, I could only get it to work with absolute web-based URLs, not localhost files… Anyone get that to work?

Not sure what my standard smirk-in-sunglasses pic says about me, but this is still pretty funny

Some bad performance news from the <video> front from Steve Souders, followed further bad performance news from Christian Heilmann.

8 Guidelines and 1 Rule for Responsive Images. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Infograph comparing HTML5 vs. Native vs. Hybrid. Where do you fit in?

Alway fun to hop in the WABAC Machine and see what our forefathers thought was worthy code. Animated GIFs, <table> layout, and <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 6.0">. I can only imagine what will be thought of ours in 10 years…

The concept of using custom fonts is cool, and even using them for things like icons (like I do on this site) can be a cool touch, but downloading complete font files can cause a real performance hit. Chris Coyier collects a few work-arounds for this issue.

Got Pong?

This is just plain bad ass!

American geeks, tired of your elected representatives representing their financial backers, and not you? Then help get rid of them!

See if you can find any new tips on using Google Chrome Dev Tools. I usually find at least one…

And finally, yeah, too true

And finally finally, the history of music, “as captured throughout history”, on video, a cappella-style

Happy reading,

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