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Wow, fattest site on the web? Anyone got any fatter??

Initial numbers may not look like much (“shaved 1.57 seconds from our average page load, dropped our bounce rate 1%, and our exit percentage 2.5%”), but when you put those on an enterprise-level site, and start thinking of $$$, this seems a little more impressive

And speaking of PageSpeed, WebPagetest is now offering a page that compares how your site currently loads, and would load, if you were using PageSpeed Service. The comparison numbers for my site didn’t show much difference, but the video and filmstrip certainly showed a better experience with PageSpeed.

Snap.js makes creating mobile-style navigation menus a “snap” (ha, get it)! There are several variations and several configuration options, tap the icon or swipe left or right to try them all. Very slick!

Is motion control navigation here? Google Earth says it is

How is it that at 43 years old, I am just now learning of this apparently famous science experiment? Oh, and the prospects of using this to make safer glass is pretty cool too…

Most of this presentation is well beyond me, but the idea of combining these two and getting better performance is all I need to hear…

The question of whether or not to include ARIA in a project should never get raised, and yet it still does. So here’s a simple-to-follow tutorial on helping non-buttons look and act like real-buttons to those that might have trouble realizing it.

For any other “uninitiated” FEDs like me out there, here’s a very thorough guide for getting to know Package Managers.

From Craig Buckler at SitePoint comes a really cool way to horizontally-center responsive images, complete with fallbacks for IE<9, those that still give a shit about them. It’s like PhoneGap, but from Intel… I started testing it out, but stopped when they required Java… Seems like a fair idea, not sure what they offer that PhoneGap doesn’t, but might be worth a deeper look if you’re into deploying native apps.

Initially using Web Workers to “outsource” heavy JS to another thread and improve browser responsiveness seems like a great idea, until you realize Android has not supported the feature since… 2.1? Why in the world would you include it, then remove it??

Yet another Chrome DevTools video. And yet another well-worth-the-time Chrome DevTools video.

A simple responsive layout with some fancy page transitions. The layout and open/close works fine on my old HTC Desire with Android 2.3.5, but sadly the panel content does not scroll because overflow: auto; is not supported on this device… But otherwise, looks really beautiful!

Wow, the Responsive Inspector extension for Google Chrome is chock-full of cool features, beyond what it initially seems, scroll down and watch the vid.

And finally, I WANT PIZZA, NOW!

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