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Planning ahead, maybe, but just to be safe, Don’t Be A Glasshole

Brilliant, tiny, nearly-hidden use of video on the HandHeld conference website… Scroll down and hover over a presenter’s pic/title/description… I mean, this was one of the coolest things about Harry Potter, right??

I’m sure everyone reading this makes nothing but fully-accessible sites, but these types of lists are always worth a quick scan, I think. Also handy is the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool listed in #10.

Someone in the U.S. Congress is finally proposing an a la carte television cable bill; is it already too late?

Fancy a little tech humor?

Unbelievable submarine cable map!! But wait, there are NO cables connected to Antarctica? How do the all the penguins get their cat videos??

Are CDNs as useful as we’re all led to believe? Maybe not

Awesome hover/rollover technique! With a slight rebuttal from , that also highlights a great CSS-only alternative from .

Google just announced their App Engine for PHP, which offers “scalable, secure and reliable” server space. Intriguing, made much more so by the fact that they demoed a WordPress site hosted there… Hmmm…

And speaking of WordPress, if you use something that’s free and open-source, why not see if you can help out in some way? WordPress is always looking for contributors!

Always thinking about performance? Give Google Chrome’s PageSpeed Insight Extension a go. YouTube demo, and slides.

Nice collection of responsive & retina image options. In other words, how to deal with image today, as opposed to five years ago…

Wow, everything you NEVER wanted to know about regular expressions… :-)

Damn you Google, will you please stop making the rest of us look bad?!?!?!

A fantastic, super lengthy, article on building a responsive site, starting with server-side detection and code selection, right through dealing with images, planning from feature phones right up through TVs…

A jQuery-based method for avoiding downloading carousel images until they’re requested. I’d recommend fetching the “next” and “previous” images instead of the one actually being requested, to avoid latency lag, but an interesting method.

Wow, print-screen has always been a little awkward, made more so by my insistence on using a Mac keyboard even on my PC (which means no PrntScr button!), and low-and-behold, here comes LightShot, which lets you (somewhat*) easily draw a rectangle around whatever you want to grab, then optionally upload it to their editing tool, and do with it what you want…

If you live and breath HTML5 video, then The State Of HTML5 Video is for you! Enjoy!!

Coming in 2014, billions and billions of prayers answered! Cannot wait!

That elephant? We call him Rambo…” Kharma can be a real bitch…

Packery is an odd-sounding name, but simply bad-ass tech…

No, no, no, we’re trying to help the trees, see????” #fucktards

And finally, the ridiculous animation that we all loved to hate, is back

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