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The next great subset of HTML features is coming, with Web Components. Get to know Shadow DOM, HTML Templates, Custom Elements, and HTML Imports better.

And think you can’t use Web Components yet? Think again

A new set of tools available in Chrome DevTools, including in-browser live-editing via Workspaces!

And after all the great tutorials we’ve seen from , let’s get to know the man a little better!

And it’s an Addy-athon today, as I just stumbled across his free, online book Learning JavaScript Design Patterns. Nice.

Meet Earl, your solar-powered backcountry survival tablet. Now get out there and… you know, like, walk around and stuff…

Design like your users are drunk. Entertaining, and smart…

Great intro to the also-upcoming pointer events. Helluva lot better than creating a buttload of touch/mouse/pen/motion/whatever events handlers…

Oh, and gestures. Almost forgot.

Seriously addictive game, and seriously cool use of Google Maps!

And speaking of Maps, apparently Google got bored with land maps. Cause now they’re Street Viewing underwater… Can that still be called Street View?

Pretty, responsive, horizontal navigation menu.

Then make it Retina-ready, by using icon-fonts.

And speaking of Retina, how about a few more links?

  1. The Right Way to Retinafy Your Websites
  2. Seeing the world through high DPI
  3. High DPI: Tips and Tricks

Awesome CSS Solar System!

And a slick CSS toggle switch! Now here’s v.2.

What does your coffee habit say about you? Since I often switch between the variations listed, I guess my habit says I have multiple personalities… No it doesn’t. Yes, it does!

If you think people’s driving abilities are terrible on the highway, imagine how they’ll be above them… I’m moving underground…

I vote that should have to stay on the ISS all the time, so we can continue to get such cool videos from him up there. Here, how the five senses are affected in space. Mostly okay, but I don’t like the sound of that “flattening of the eye balls”…

From comes a subtle, but sophisticated slider transition with moving background images.

There’s no two ways about it: Monsanto is pure evil. But there are also lots of companies out there trying to grow up and be just like them. Now there’s a really simple way to know who is doing what to the food you are about to buy, and eat. Downloading… Installing…

Wow, I have been kind of ignoring WebGL because, well, it didn’t use to be very prudent, but lately it is really coming on, and projects like this make me drool

I wonder… what are some of the worst science fails?

How do you keep an underground subway system from flooding during things like hurricanes? Well, you need big balls, of course.

Get ready to go a lot faster:

  1. Use Chrome’s PageSpeed Insights Extension to make your sites a LOT faster
  2. The slides from the above video
  3. And a real-life performance-enhancing walk-through by Addy

LEDs in greenhouses deliver same yield as grow lights, using just 25% of the energy. Yes, yes, tomatoes, of course, that’s exactly what people are growing indoors.

Come on, U.S., there has to be a better way of pushing the rest of the world toward finally say fuck it, that place is too much hassle to visit… Oh, okay, yeah, you found one, nice job!

Way to go, India! When I was a kid, I loved wildlife parks, they were really the only way to see wild animals, in person. Then I grew up and realized those animals belong in the wild. Also, the world grew up, and you can now see those wild animals, in their wild environments, doing things far more amazing than bouncing a freaking ball on their nose… #nomorecaptiveanimals!

Was just turned-on to Royal Slider, a responsive, touch-friendly gallery/slider that is available as both a jQuery or WordPress plug-in. Works nicely in my preliminary tests!

Could have used this last weekend: a CSS London Underground Map… Nuts, I say!

CSS transition animations. Silly. And impressive…

More CSS transition animations. Maybe not as impressive, but certainly more practical.

Get your flexbox on: A dead-simple how-to walk-through.

And finally, lest yee thinks your IT is difficult to work with, remember things could always be worse

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