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Prepos seems like it must be really, really cool, but I am having a hard time really grasping what it is…

For anyone else that doesn’t know the difference between IE’s “Browser Mode” and “Document Mode”, the answer is:

Browser Mode defines the User Agent – what IE tells the server it is. Document Mode on the other hand determines “what” or “how” IE will render the page.

In other words, if you’re trying to test a page in different versions of IE, “Document Mode” is what you want. Way to f-it up again, IE…

What is your 404 experience like for your user? If you’re on WordPress, here are a few plug-ins to help make it a better one.

How do you remove an anonymous event listener? Why, make it non-anonymous, of course!

Think combining, minifying & obfuscating your CSS and JS are the big wins in site performance? Think again. Images are the biggest bloat, and the biggest opportunity for gain!

While the Google Maps re-design is getting all the post-I/O buzz, MapBox has quietly launched an open-source, vector-based, customizable map. Huh.

How to find great front-end resources? Pretty easy now

Need to learn Git? Me too. And this is an awesome way to do it!!

Speaking of Git, it’s great for developers, sharing text-based files of code and stuff, but what do designers use? Well, this solution sounds pretty good

And speaking of designers, here is an inspiring set of animated GIFs (that don’t suck or annoy!) that could help give a site that little extra sparkle…

Still for my designy peeps, comes all the tools and resources you need to do your job, but were not told about in art school. Or at least that’s what the people that made the website say… ;-)

And lastly another quick design item: this is a really smart way to pick color palettes, based on scenes from movies!

Think you’re a Star Wars nerd? Think again

And speaking of Star Wars, this is geektastically stupendifico!

If only we could get some humans to behave like these cockroaches

Um, this is the absolute freaking definition of simply brilliant: CSS selector for all, except the first, in a set of elements

With all the excitement over flexbox finally fixing the height: 100% issue, it seems odd that someone would want to break that, but it is nice to know you can, if you want.

A powerful new site, replete with photos, video, and some cool web animation, tells the tale, and woes, of Mt. Everest.

I have seen some odd-looking keyboards before, but none that match some of these

And finally, ok, Interweb, you have gone to far, step awaaaaay from the cat

Happy reading,

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