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A fluid, responsive layout, since HTML4… Huh. Me feel dumb…

Okay, this is just flipping awesome! A Pure SVG, no CSS, no JS, clock. With a dandelion. View source for a list of valid time zones…

A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

Yup, that’s Pure.

How do you get Internet service to people that live in extremely remote areas? Put it in a blimp and fly it over their heads. No, seriously

preprender is definitely something I could see being abused, but there are certainly situations, such as the multi-page registration process mentioned in this article, that make a lot of sense…

The state of responsive web design. Lots of options, still not lots of answers…

Seriously impressive Google Chrome Trace intro from .

6 things to think about if you’re planning to create an HTML5 app.

Then 5 HTML5 features you can use in your fancy new HTML5 app.

Another round of “man I wish I could use this everywhere now”, like CSS variables, @support, position: sticky, clip-path, and more…

Okay, GifCam might be the coolest little tool I’ve seen in a while… A single .exe file (no install), double-click, position & size to what you want to record, click Record, click Stop, click Save, and you have animated GIF of whatever was happening inside the GifCam window, including interacting with the page itself, making this one bad-ass method for creating screenshot videos! Be sure to check-out the GifCam category for pointers & tip. Simply bad-ass

3D shadow scroll effect for buttons, but could be cool for page elements or something.

Speaking of buttons, how about cool loading effects on buttons?

If you like bike lanes, you’re going to love this! If not, then you deserve this to happen to you!

While this article is geared toward optimizing JS for games, I think most of these items will translate to the “normal” web as well. as well.

Slick collection of CSS hover animations. I personally like 1, 6, and 8; you?

Of course we should be building our websites to respond and fit into any screen-size into which it finds itself being loaded, but you might find a need for this info someday, so nice to know it’s out there.

Fixing the mobile web, with .

And finally, this should be printed and distributed to every person you know

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