Today’s Readings

The Ultimate Responsive Web Design Beginners Resource List. Well, it certainly is thorough, anyhow.

Okay, this is just bad-ass!!! Direction-aware hover effects

Great collection of “mobile web problems” and solutions for them. Also contains an entertaining link to WTF Mobile. Fun, for a few seconds, then it just gets depressing…

A slightly-frustrating, but highly-informative, video regarding a web developer workflow using Yeoman, Bower, Node, Grunt, SASS, Sublime Text, and more. Great new shit, but annoying to watch at times.

And if all you need is Grunt, here’s a nice walk-through for just that.

The most plausible explanation that I’ve heard for Google shutting down Reader, from .

From Velocity comes the Most Commonly Missed Application Performance Issues. How’d you do?

Quick collection of good UI practices. How’d you do?

10 Easy Accessibility Tips Anyone Can Use. How’d you do? I found a few improvements for this site!

Think accessibility doesn’t really matter? Think again

Not sure what the advantage of adding styles to a stylesheet would be over simply adding a style element to a page, but nice to know how to do it, if you need to.

A CSS-only gallery. Written another way, to be clear, a gallery that uses no JavaScript. Another nice one from .

Sticking with “CSS Only” for a moment, how about some 3D animated text?

Okay, just one more (and I think I’ve listed it here before), this is a slick demo for a CSS3 Menu.

If you’ve been avoiding the switch to a RWD development process, maybe this Smashing Magazine article will help…

As should this article about sizing web components, responsively.

And this trick from, who else, but CSS Tricks, should help with responsively centering elements.

Coding conventions aren’t always necessary, but when you’re working in a team, and especially if you are (and I hope you are) using a repository, consistent coding sure helps. Why not take a look at popular conventions scraped together from GitHub repos. Nice.

Not many companies or sites can claim to need the power that Twitter needs, but it’s always interesting to see what goes into making something work.

Brief run through Google Glass.

Okay, this could get me to switch from glasses to contacts

And the ultimate, if not scary, mash-up of my last two items: Google Glass contacts… ZOINKS!

And finally, Words is beautiful, simply beautiful. If only more of our web were like it.

Happy reading,

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