Today’s Readings

Space.js is a fun JS library to aid in creating 3D scrolling.

And speaking of scrolling, says we can do better than blatantly shoving a “Scroll Down, Stupid” arrow in our users’ faces so they know they should scroll down on our websites. His judgment is maybe a little extreme, but the options he offers are quite nice.

Should we focusing on learning architecture over frameworks? Admittedly an article intended to provoke discussion, it is too bad the translated article above didn’t properly reproduce the original author’s poll at the end; the properly-functioning poll can be found at the end of the original article, if you would like to contribute. (Though… there doesn’t appear to be a way to submit the poll once you’ve answered… Or am I missing something?)

Another thought-provoking article, this time from , reminds us that UX design !== UI design.

But if you do happen to be talking about UI design, it sure would be nice to automate the responsive design testing, wouldn’t it? Be careful, though, it does require a framework… ;-)

And as long as we are talking about UI, find out how to make use of the über-cool device orientation and vibration APIs as part of your UI!

One more for the UI, pulls back to the bare-basics for a nice, simple carousel.

Here’s a ground-up tutorial for creating an NPM-driven website or app. Behold the power of JavaScript…

And here’s a terrific ground-up intro to WAIARIA role attribute. Admittedly, I fit perfectly into the group describes in the article’s intro; this is exactly the kind of article that the web needs on the topic; this and one more for every other WAIARIA attribute…

For a new project at work, I am considering switching from Less to Sass, and there are a lot of resources that suggest it is the right move. And an article that demonstrate Sass’ power like this one only makes the choice see even more obvious…

Introducing Vector: Netflix’s On-Host Performance Monitoring Tool. I do not claim to be smart enough to understand a lot of what this article talks about, but I find it impressive nonetheless…

And finally, watch the Volcán de Colima o de Fuego, in Mexico, erupt in a beautiful time-lapse video

Happy reading (and watching),

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