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HUGE news as Service Workers (and push notifications) land in Firefox 44! Let the revolution begin!

Meanwhile the Chrome DevTools Service Worker panel that Jake mentions landing in Canary, is now live in Chrome 48!

And as long as we’re adding new panels to Chrome DevTools, have a stroll through the new Security panel!

DevTools themes are a great idea, but it’s too bad there are so many steps to activate the feature, and then each theme change requires closing and re-opening DevTools… But more of a rub, simply cannot get it to work in OSX Chrome 48…

Anybody use <input type="date">? I typically do not, instead preferring to either use a plugin or roll-my-own validation. But why? Because of the woes that come with “native support”

A lot of great examples of “motion with meaning”!

And speaking of animation, here’s an interesting look at Web Animation Trends: 31 Top Websites Deconstructed.

And one more, smooth-scroll is a “simple vanilla JS script to animate scrolling to anchor links”… Nice!

Combining WordPress and Angular… I would not have thought about it, but I am intrigued…

Speaking of WordPress, let’s dig into The Concept of “Plugin Territory” in WordPress… Deep…

Anyone out there still think about SEO? If so, here is a slick Chrome Extension that examines the current page for SEO concerns or issues.

The Goldilocks Approach
A good starting point for design that takes device resolution out of the equation

Incomplete List of Mistakes in the Design of CSS. Very incomplete, but always comforting to know others see them too… ;-)

Learn CSS Layout. A nice round-up of all there is to know about the subject.

Or you can review these CSS Refresher Notes. Wow, this just goes on and on and on… But in a good way! :-)

And finally, truly responsive tables, by simply not using tables

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