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What’s the Best Way to… Use CSS3 Today

Update: I’ve actually built-out a BUNCH of pages using some of the options below showing examples of stuff that works across all browsers, right here, right now, in this current century… Check it out: The title of this post … Continue reading

Google Page Speed: It’s Their World, We Just Live In It

I briefly mentioned Google Page Speed in a recent post, but I’m just now making the time to dig deeper into this Firefox add-on (truthfully, it is a Firebug add-on, so you’ll need that installed first).  And, as one might … Continue reading

Background-Position PNGs. Yes, Even in IE6…

Background: If you’re reading this, you probably already know the issue with trying to background-position PNGs in IE6, so I’ll make this as brief as possible (skip down to the Demo if you’d rather): A somewhat-little-known fact is that IE6 … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Almost like it’s Christmas, a plethora of tutorials! Happy holidays, Atg Top⇪

iPhone Application Development Training & iTunes University

Anyone interested in building iPhone apps, but can’t quite manage to dig in? Well, crack open your iTunes, go to the store, and look for iTunes U (you can also get there directly, but it took a while to load … Continue reading