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Today’s Readings

Stumbled across a new developer tool, http://cssprism.com/, that grabs and displays all the colors from a single CSS file into an editable color palette.  When I first loaded the CSS file for this site, I have to say I was … Continue reading

Google Chrome Frame Helps IE6 be a Better Browser

I was recently forwarded an article about Google’s Chrome Frame ass a method to finally (sort of) get rid of IE6.  Google Chrome Frame (GCF) is an browser plug-in developed solely for Internet Explorer (IE) users that will “convert” any … Continue reading

A better method of “supporting” IE6?

TobyJoe writes about supporting IE6: “Instead of refusing content to IE6 users or breaking brand guidelines by disrupting their experience with a patronizing notice, why not relegate them into a tier of Content-Level Support as opposed to Design Support.” At … Continue reading

Not-So-Subtle Tactics to Obliterate IE6

A great new redirect page for all your IE6-users. Maybe this will help get the message across… :-) Happy assailing, and thanks for the referral, Alex, Atg Top⇪