Monthly Archives: April 2013

Modernizr Server Fork: Adding Test Values to the Client Page Too

I wrote some time ago about Modernizr Server, which runs Modernizr on the client and sends all the Modernizr test results back to the server before any of your actual page is sent, so you can tailor the page to … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that has a tremendous device lab for us to use for developing and testing, but for those that do not have such access to real devices, the next best step would be … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

An impressive-looking, responsive grid system: CSSWizardry Grids. And speaking of responsive grid systems, I don not even want to think about the maths that went into making jQuery Nested work… But resizing my browser and clicking the various device icons … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

If you’ve been following all the hype and hub-bub around WebRTC lately, it seems like it is coming of age very quickly! Now how about adding data channels for possible file transfer or screen sharing, or why not videoing in … Continue reading

WordPress Plug-in Update: Navigation Menu IDs & Classes

There was an issue with the plug-in that prevented any WP classes from being retained, regardless of the site owner’s preferences. That issue has been resolved, and is now available in both the WP Repo: And on GitHub: … Continue reading