Monthly Archives: April 2013

Site Changes & Optimizations

With my recent move from GoDaddy to Dreamhost, I decided to take the time to make a few other modifications, both under the hood and to the UI. Below are a few notes on the process, for anyone interested… Continue reading

Today’s Readings

Not exactly a believable orbital trajectory, but the maths behind this circular CSS3 animation is provocative none-the-less. A great slideshow from Addy Osmani regarding why and how to achieve the perfect frame rate in your animations. In case you don’t … Continue reading

WordPress Plugin: Enhanced Admin Links in Multisite ‘My Sites’ Drop-Downs

Another WordPress plug-in that started with me finding something to be annoying, finding a way to fix it, then figuring if it made my life a little better, someone else might appreciate it too… Currently, in a multisite installation, when … Continue reading