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The only way this PS shortcut cheatsheet could make things any easier is if they came imprinted on a keyboard. Or, I guess, if I could just think them… That would definitely be easier… ;-)

And as long as we’re cheating, how about a jQuery event cheatsheet? Bet there are at least a couple you weren’t familiar with on there…

Or the opposite of a cheatsheet, here’s just everything ever conceived about functional programming in JavaScript, in long form… Quite the read, and certainly more than adequate…

has compiled a cheatsheet, of sorts, for asset handover. I would personally like to +1 #2…

Leave it to to come up with M.C. Escher patterns as SVG backgrounds… But come on, Dudley, how about a real challenge??? ;-P

Sticking with SVGs, but moving into animation, presents SVG Sprites for Animation. Great walk-through, explaining the parallels to web animation and old-school cel animation.

Ok, this is a little bit of a mind-blower:

Smartphone Test Farm: Remote control any device from your browser in realtime. Manage device inventory. Type text directly from your keyboard.

Can it really be that easy???

Some very basic, but powerful, .htaccess security bits for WordPress. If you don’t have these in your system somehow, add them.

This Zero to Hero with JavaScript video series covers tremendous ground, from JS fundamentals, to jQuery, to Node, to Angular and React, to ES6. Dig in!!

Not sure how many drummers there are reading this, but Sensory Percussion lets real drums play any kind of electronic beat. Way beyond what normal electronic drums or triggers can do!

From comes a deep discussion piece on preprocessors. Are they good, bad, neither? Evil necessity?? Is anyone still not using one???

Several probably well-known image optimization options, but it can never hurt to look them over, you never know what you might not have seen yet.

Or you could take all your images and push them into what looks like a video! Granted, the “video” isn’t all that smooth, and granted, there are a lot of images contributing to that final “video”, but the technology is impressive nonetheless!

I would love to work at a place someday that plans this much. And before anyone says “Well why don’t you just do it?”, because one person doesn’t just do something like this; it takes planning, and buy-in, and commitment, from all parties concerned. But when you’re done, what you have is a brilliantly simplistic way for new-comers to get started, and contribute more quickly, and all employees to work together more harmoniously.

And finally, deep wisdom, from short words: developer proverbs

Happy reading,

2 Responses to Today’s Readings

  1. Rob says:

    Is anyone still not using one???

    I’ve not worked anywhere (clients) that does. I’m not sure I have anything against preprocessors but I have noticed some of the issues people complain about when I’ve tried them but I also haven’t felt a need to use one either.

    • aarontgrogg says:

      Fair point, Rob. Small sites certainly have no need, I would say, but when you start working on large, complex sites, I find them invaluable.

      Of course, those are also likely the projects that are the most harmed by the “issues” you mention, if everyone is not on the same page with best practices, etc…

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