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Well this is sort the last thing HTML5 needs: Researchers prove HTML5 can be used to hide malware.

Here is a fun, if not lengthy, look at Web Design: The First 100 Years from . has his favorite quotes, but my fave is:

As soon as a system shows signs of performance, developers will add enough abstraction to make it borderline unusable. Software forever remains at the limits of what people will put up with.

walks us through the myriad options for trying to get a “sticky” element to “stick”, cross-browser.

“Sticking” (chuckle) with Dudley for another sec, let’s learn more about CSS shapes and masks!

Here are 11 customizations you can make to make your WordPress site seem a little less WordPressy.

Then run through this Ultimate Mega Guide to Speeding Up WordPress. Wow, that’s a serious collection…

Nth-Test is brilliant. So simple and so useful! And as says, “Considering that the way I figure out nth-child selectors is to try randomly changing numbers until it works, this should be quite useful for me.“… So I’m not the only one… :-)

From comes 5 new things browsers can do in 2015. Cool stuff!

And even more cool stuff is coming to browsers soon!

Here are 10 reasons to use Microsoft Edge. All interesting functionality. And none of them are going to get me to use Edge…

And as long as we’re talking about numbered-lists of Microsoft things… Here are 10 tools that fix common Windows frustrations! :-) The first couple are not that inspiring, but there are some good ones in there.

Two videos to introduce you to, and show you how to implement, HTTPS.

grunt-perfbudget is a Grunt task for enforcing a performance budget via WebPageTest. Thanks to for the link!

Should dwell time (aka engagement) be considered a bad thing? Maybe…

Usernames, passwords, command line commands, procedure steps… As developers, we have to remember a lot of crap. So how do you remember it all? I’m with this article: I don’t. Nearly everything that I have to do that isn’t just dead-easy (and even most stuff that is), is documented in a text file that is synced between two computers via Dropbox. What’s your strategy?

This Map Shows Which Countries Have Most People Online? The map should not surprise you, and it would be interesting to see average bandwidth speeds for each of those countries.

Wow, a nice, deep-dive into currying with JavaScript.

I get what the author of Stop Gratuitous UI Animation is getting at, but in the end, all their alterations did was change the loader to a different loader, and change the animation to a different animation. The point that some animation is useless is still valid, however.

And finally, if you’ve ever watched a Looney Tunes cartoon, such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Road Runner, Pepe le Pew, etc., then you should know the name . He was the animator extraordinaire! And here is a short YouTube video describing, discussing, and displaying his brilliance, and the source of his brilliance: knowledge, which leads to inspiration…

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