Today’s Readings

Fantastic SVG path generator!

Sticking with SVGs, SVG Weirdness is “a repository for documenting bugs and other weird SVG behaviors.”

Okay, just one more: SVG sprite generator “takes a list of SVG files and make a single sprite file using symbol elements… helpful for creating icon systems.”

Okay, I lied, one more: Here’s a portion of ‘s SVG Meetup Presentation, Interactive Imagemaps.

A great Tuts+ tutorial for Creating a List of [WordPress] Posts With the Same Categories as the Current One. Very commonly requested functionality!

The continuation of the Git Workflow Walkthrough series, this time focusing on Reviewing Pull Requests.

Couple Chrome DevTools news items: new Film strip feature, new home for Throttling, new tutorial, and a possible DevTools IDE?

Making use of background-attachment: fixed / will-change: transform fix, takes us on a deep-dive walk-through of a scroll-killing improvement.

Some slick context-menu design options. I like most of them, as long as they look smooth when they open, and the target hotspots are easy enough to “hit”.

Yeah, like these animations!

And here are a bunch of transitions and animations that will make your HTML forms sing!

And here is ‘s Stretchy, a small JS script to make form elements, well, “stretchy”…

This is the second time that AWS Device Farm has caught my attention, only to find out (and this time be reminded) that it is for apps only, and only Android and Fire OS apps, at that… But then I thought, well, people might still be interested, so there it is. I do wish they had called AWS App Device Farm, though… :-/

Can you overuse media queries? Well, of course you can. If you can overuse something like chocolate or animated GIFs of kittens, then you can certainly overuse media queries. All good things must be used in moderation, and it’s nice to be reminded of that.

I love lists. I especially love lists that aren’t like “The Top 5” or “The Top 10”; I love the ones like “The Top 13” or “The Top 27”. You can be pretty sure those don’t contain filler. :-) Well, the 26 digital typography rules for beginners at least feels like a good list. Designers, your thoughts??

And speaking of typography and design, Screenings aggregates the best design-related videos from around the web. Nice!

Okay, one more (sort of) typography-related bit is this Comprehensive Guide: When to Use Em vs. Rem.

So CSS snap points may not quite be ready for prime-time, but I am so anxious for them, and have been for a long time…

And finally, tries to remind us to advance the web without breaking it. As always, thoughtful and enjoyable.

Happy reading,

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