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Today’s Readings

Really beautiful cloud reproduction using CSS & JS.  I especially love that it can go full-screen, but I do wish I could “disconnect” my mouse movements from the cloud orientation.  Oh, and the Michael Bay Preset is a nice touch too… … Continue reading

Today’s Readings

It has been a seriously long time since my last post, and with Hurricane Irene having forced me indoors for nearly 48 hours, and having retained both power and Internet throughout, I thought, hey, why not catch-up on some reading? … Continue reading

Practical CSS3 Update

Beyond the introduction of color, Practical CSS3 has been upgrading with several new bits and pieces. Included in the updates are: Addition of new WebKit gradient (while preserving the old, for older puppies). Removal of all references to -ms-filter (cause … Continue reading

Cross-Browser CSS3 (yes, even in IE6 and IE7), with a Little Help from MS Filters

What is the purpose of this article? To show how you can use (some) CSS3 styles right now, across all browsers, even IE6 and IE7, without the limitations and penalties of graphic headers and graphic backgrounds. Why is this important? … Continue reading

Cross-browser “compatibility” vs. Cross-browser “consistency”

So, this is a old topic, right?  Every developer knows that every single page has to looks exactly the same in every single browser known to mankind, right?  Or does it? This is something I’ve been finding more and more … Continue reading